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  • Dear Leo,
    I have also read Ready Player One, and I didn’t think about how the setting change didn’t affect Wade as much as it should have. I think that Wade moving to Colorado, the setting change more concrete symbol of Wade’s change of status within the Oasis. He now has the money and points to travel to different worlds and sectors in the Oasis…Read More

  • Interesting post, Seth! I also agree with the need for just a change of scenery to improve mental health. As places are opening back up, I wonder which activities are the safest to do, especially in the winter cold. I would love to hear more about what sort of things you have been doing to stay active during the quarantine.

  • Cecilia wrote a new post

    Detecting Breast Cancer Before a Mammogram

    Developing countries do not have the same access to technology as developed countries like the United States do. Without easy access to radiologists and mammograms, early detection of Breast Cancer is unlikely. The biggest chance to change the survival...

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    • This was an interesting post. You mentioned that it cost roughly S10,000 to manufacture iBreastExam, would the device be sold to hospital in developing countries and how would the hospital operate and maintain such an elaborate device? Overall, I was intrigued by this post. However, I think it could be stronger if you included some of the common causes to breast cancer, and maybe compared the rates of breast cancer affecting women in developing countries vs. women in developed countries.

  • It was strange how quickly our world change in a matter of a few months. I think this article is important, because it predicts that we will always hesitancy about shaking hands or unnecessary contact with objects and people. We would change forever because of this pandemic. In some ways Matthew was right, and in others he was wrong. All of the…Read More

  • Hi Heather, I agree that the setting of the Hunger Games is indeed a dystopian society like The Giver. I believe that Suzanne Collins left the identity of the person who was shot a mystery because it could then become whomever the audience believed it was. It didn’t matter who died, just that someone did. I would love to see more of a connection…Read More

  • Hi Oriandy,
    First off I want to say I love this topic- it is unique, interesting, and raises some important questions. So you mention how boxing might be opening back up in Las Vegas and the boxers will be tested, will they also be kept in a bubble-like protective group as the NBA did? How many people usually participate in a boxing tournament,…Read More

  • Cecilia wrote a new post

    Kids are good to go back to school, but what about teachers?

    Even though schools have been opened for a quarter now, most schools are still facing challenges and question if being in school is worth the risk of spreading COVID-19 over closing or keeping close in-person schools, especially as the...

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  • Dear Katarina,

    You make an interesting, and intriguing connection between Wonderland being the adult-world. I have read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ​by Lewis Carroll during my freshman year, and to be honest, I did not understand the purpose behind the story. I would love to re-read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with this new per…Read More

  • Cecilia commented on the post, Big Data

    When reading the article that you provided, I remembered another article that I have read about big data, where these algorithms took the information that they know and fill in the gaps based on similar information about other people. I think the main example from the article was that people who ordered fries at this certain place, were more…Read More

  • Cecilia wrote a new post

    COVID-19 and getting back to school

    I believe that no one was expecting what we had to go through last March with schools shutting down for the rest of the year. No one was ready or had a plan. Now that schools have had the...

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    • It is so crazy how fast we had to change the way we went to school. When the pandemic first hit teachers did not have much time at all to plan how they were going to handle being online. I agree that there is a big difference between being in elementary school or high school and doing online. In elementary you are being taught or figuring out right from wrong. In high school hopefully, you have that most of the way figured out. What do you think about the Salt Lake City school district going all online for the first little while? What do you think of Judge’s Plan compared to Sterling elementary? Do you think they made up for the difference between having elementary students and high school students?

    • Ceci, this is really the topic that a lot of people should focus on right now. But I think high school students are also pretty risky to do in-person classes like elementary school students because high school students will be also asymptomatic and they will more careless about those little signs of their body system. And the parents will less care about high school students than elementary school students since they are young adults who mostly think that they can take care of themselves most of the time. But it is hard decisions to make since both elementary and high school students need social interactions to build communication skills. The most important thing right now is to find the best solution for educations that could provide a safe environment and social interactions. Hybrid education could be the answer but I found an interesting article. Check it out!


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