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    Since we are all a little more stressed, should we get mental health breaks?

    The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought extra stress for everyone. Our health, the health of our loved ones, financial and job insecurity, or the struggles of online learning and work. This pandemic has not been easy for anyone. It has...

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    • I think that this is a really important thing to discuss. Mental health wasn’t built into the structure of modern day schools. I think that extra day simply dedicated to doing school work and getting help has really helped my stress levels as well as many others. However, in a non-online school format, do you think that one day would be plausible? Would it still be online even after COVID?

    • Dear Cecilia:
      I am impressed by your post, “Since we are all a little more stressed, should we get mental health breaks?” because it talks about how hard the coronavirus has affected students’ mental health. Talked about higher the rates of anxiety and depression have gotten since the covid outbreak. It saddens me to hear about how high the rates for suicide have gotten as well.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Since the start of the school year, my school has been doing virtual Wednesdays with assemblies and office hours. The office hours have allowed everyone, including teachers, to have a day to seek help without the added stress of classes.” I think this is interesting because this would help a lot with many students who struggle in class and with mental health issues. I feel like we should imply this at my school so students can go to seek help if they need it.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because it’s crazy to see how bad covid affects students’ mental health. As well as, you giving ways other schools can imply ways to help students during this time like your school did. I hope to see more of what you write because it lets me see more of what’s going on during this time.

    • I don’t like being lazy. I understand how important it is to take breaks to maintain mental health, but I tend to put it off until the last moment (count: until my body and mind make me slow down). Against my wishes, it’s better to take mental health breaks more often, even if you don’t feel like you need them. cbd cigarettes for sale

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    Mental Health during the Pandemic and College Students

    After looking at the viewpoints of the Republican and Democratic parties about how we should address the mental health of our students during the pandemic, it's time to look at the students themselves. This research paper was published in...

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    What has been the impact of Quarantine on student's mental health, and what are we doing about it?

    Covid-19 for the past year turned somewhat into a battle between Republicans versus Democrats in the United States, with the level of caution with dealing with the virus sadly corresponding to the party alignment. One thing that both parties...

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  • Dear Leo,
    I have also read Ready Player One, and I didn’t think about how the setting change didn’t affect Wade as much as it should have. I think that Wade moving to Colorado, the setting change more concrete symbol of Wade’s change of status within the Oasis. He now has the money and points to travel to different worlds and sectors in the Oasis…Read More

  • Interesting post, Seth! I also agree with the need for just a change of scenery to improve mental health. As places are opening back up, I wonder which activities are the safest to do, especially in the winter cold. I would love to hear more about what sort of things you have been doing to stay active during the quarantine.

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