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    Cash commented on the post, This Is My Body

    Your words resonate with a beautiful message of self-love and acceptance, reminding us all of the importance of cherishing our bodies. It’s empowering to hear you emphasize the beauty and significance of every individual, regardless of societal standards or judgments. Your encouragement to ignore negative voices and embrace oneself is a powerful…Read More

  • Nana, your impassioned plea for justice and equality in Garden Heights and beyond is truly inspiring. Your personal experiences and deep-rooted connections to your community add a powerful authenticity to your advocacy efforts. Your call for the United Nations to intervene and address the systemic racial injustices within the US criminal justice…Read More

  • Your analysis of how historical policies, urban planning choices, and economic systems perpetuate racial and class hierarchies is insightful and thought-provoking. By examining the lasting impacts of redlining and deliberate urban planning decisions, you shed light on the systemic injustices embedded in our society. Your intention to promote…Read More

  • Your reflections on the impact of historical patterns on today’s urban landscapes offer a valuable perspective. It’s evident that you’re considering the deep-rooted issues of segregation and discrimination that persist in cities like Atlanta. Your comparison between Philadelphia and Atlanta shows a keen observation of urban planning challenges and…Read More

  • This essay does a great job looking at how Atlanta’s city growth still keeps apart people based on history. You look at rules, plans, and how people react to them, showing how some areas stay the same while others change. It seems like you’re interested in finding out who benefits from these changes and if the text talks about fair treatment or…Read More

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