• My name is Clarissa Blanco, and I attend Unity High School in Oakland. In my english class we have been discussing future robotics and artificial  intelligence. A question we’ve been discussing is, whether th

    • Hello all:

      My name is Yuri Almendarez and I’m a sophomore at Oakland Unity High School. In my English class we’ve been reading about robotics and artificial intelligence. I think that these technologies will make the world better which we would have more devices and better internet because it is improving and getting more powerful. One source that i have is a reading we did in class which is called “Is it OK to Torture or Murder a Robot by Richer fisher. I will be talking about the reasons why it is not okay to do anything to a robot. One reason why I feel like it’s not okay for people to torture robots is that they might have a mental breakdown and start to feel emotions which will make them fight against the person. And my last reason why I a person shouldn’t kill a robot because it is a crime and they can get in trouble for it. Now my second source is going to be about I Robot. The things that i saw in the movie is that how the maker of the robots was killed by the robots because of the program ordered them to do that. The last thing I saw interesting in the movie was that how will smith was getting targeted by these robots and nobody believe them till the end. This is why I feel like technology is a big thing in this world know which can be good or bad.

      #UnityHigh and #Robots

  • Zoe,
    I really enjoyed this because it relates to my community. I agree with a lot of your main points, especially with the fact that there isn’t a lot of information on these programs. I hope I get to read another piece from you.

  • Jacqueline,
    I thought that this was a very interesting piece and was well structured. Your information was clear and you made sure to explain it in a clear way.

  • Clarissa commented on the post, My Family 1 year, 7 months ago

    Dear David,
    I really enjoyed this because my dad is also an electrician, so I know that it is very hard work. But I also related to this because my family and I are also immigrants, and this reminded me that we shouldn’t let that stop us from achieving our goals. keep up the good writing!

  • Dear Kairangely,
    I think it is very brave of you to share this story with everyone because its very personal but you have proved that we can overcome any obstacle.

  • Clarissa became a registered member 1 year, 8 months ago

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