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    Thank you for sharing! I agree with your statement about how this poem creates simple imagery and creates an easygoing, casual scene. This poem is easy to read and isn’t like many other poems that are complex and take a lot to decipher and understand what is happening. This is just a simple poem that you can see in your mind and is easy to make sense of.

  • It does seem interesting how people are going to spend the holiday season, but like you said there are creative ways to get in contact with family members through very small gatherings outside or over zoom. With a lot of what you said, it was about the new ways families will be gathering, there is still a problem because many people are still…Read More

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    How Big of an Issue is Climate Change?

    According to the Journalism of the Royal Society of Medicine, climate change is the weather shifts over long periods of time which can include temperature, rainfall, cloud cover, and even wind speeds. Much of the focus of climate change...

    Read More
  • In your article, I found it interesting how you brought up getting involved in our government when we’re young. The article you used from the New York Times about what teenagers think America stands for definitely made it easier to connect with the article as a whole. What you wrote about what other people our age think about freedom and equality…Read More

  • Miles, that was interesting to read. I liked how you were able to break down the events of Trump pulling America out the Paris Agreement and what his plans were going forward in terms of the environment. Because of what you said about what our government is doing with the environment, I think it would be interesting to see organizations are doing…Read More

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