• Scientists predict that in the next century a large majority of our worlds corals will die or be seriously injured. This is going to be a serious problem considering how dependent our global society has become on

  • I have seen the video you are talking about and it is very thought provoking. It really makes you take a step back and reevaluate the country that we live in. I think this article is important because it addresses that America may not be the country that most people think it is.

  • I think that the connection to physical feature might be a slight stretch, but I the mental aspects are very interesting. I would like to read more about how they discovered this.

  • I think it’s really interesting how you made a connection to zoos and our societies consumption of meat to testing vaccines on animals. I never though of like that, and it helps to put a broader perspective on the moral choices involved.

  • This is very interesting. I would like to hear more about why our generation is so infatuated with this type of stuff.

  • The main thing that has left an impact on coral reefs across the world is bleaching. There was a “great bleaching” that began in 2015, and slowed in 2017 that damaged over 29 coral reefs. Bleaching is caused fro

  • I think this is a very interesting approach on death. I personally don’t think death should be something you’re afraid of because it happens to everyone, but I think your take on death is really interesting.

  • The part about serial killers not being able to feel empathy was very interesting. I think talking about the chemical makeup and how their brains work different than ours would be a really interesting route to take with this paper.

  • Only forty years ago coral reefs were thriving all across the globe. Reefs were illuminated by vibrant corals living in a symbiotic relationship with hundreds of thousands of fish species and other marine

    • Chris, this is a very interesting post. I love the vivid descriptions and information about the reefs; it’s something I have never really put much of my thought into. This piece helped me learn about reefs so much more than I already knew about this topic. I did not know that they are deteriorating. I’d love to hear more about this topic and what we can do to prevent this deterioration of the “rainforest of the ocean” and instead help it grow. Great segment of writing and a very interesting topic!

  • Black out poetry is my favorite type of poetry. I’m glad to see someone else enjoying it. I think the message that you are trying to convey is extremely important.

  • I think this is a really interesting topic. I think it’s interesting how even though as humans we acknowledge murder as a unethical thing, yet we still are fascinated with killers. I would definitely like to read more about this topic.

  • According to the Ocean Health Index, more than 60% of the world’s coral reefs are seriously damaged. This is a big problem because coral reefs are an integral part of a large majority of marine ecosystems. T

  • I recorded passage 3.3.368-378 from the play Othello by Shakespeare. In the passage I speak as Iago. He is a snake, lying to Othello to try and make it look like his wife is cheating on him. The lines can be

  • I really enjoyed reading your story, and I also agree that immigration is extremely important. I am really glad that you see America as a place of opportunity and safety because the country was built on ideals of freedom and equality. I feel like in recent times, partly due to the current government, the country is not being as friendly to…[Read more]

  • I think this topic is really interesting because arguments can be made from either side. It’s important that we address our first amendment rights, but it’s also important that we look after the safety of other students. The line becomes somewhat blurry though because there is no clear definition to what is considered harassment. This link is…[Read more]

  • As today’s society becomes increasingly oriented around technology, individuals are unknowingly giving up a certain amount of their privacy. Government agencies are intruding on innocent people’s privacy by m

    • Chris

      Thanks for your contribution here. I plan to share your post with my high school students in Philadelphia who are doing a deep dive into the topic of Online Privacy. Hopefully, they will gain some insights from your perspective.



  • As today’s society becomes increasingly oriented around technology, individuals are unknowingly giving up a certain amount of their privacy. Government agencies are intruding on innocent people’s privacy by m

  • Chris commented on the post, Dear You 1 year, 7 months ago

    I really enjoyed your poem. I found it really easy to connect to because I think most people have experienced something or someone like this in their lives. You did a masterful job at bringing all of your emotions together in a poem, and I think that you should continue to write poetry.

  • Chris commented on the post, Positive Mind 1 year, 7 months ago

    I completely agree with your point. In my experiences, I have found that having a positive mind set helps in many ways. When approaching everything I do I try to have a positive mindset because it helps you achieve more and do better. I think it is very important that you pointed this out because it is a lot easier to have a negative mindset, but…[Read more]

  • Yes! I know exactly what you are talking about. At my school this has happened to me multiple times, and now I’m a lot more open to different teaching styles. I think it is really important to meet someone before you judge them. I would love to know more about the teachers at your school?

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