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    I recorded passage 3.3.368-378 from the play Othello by Shakespeare. In the passage I speak as Iago. He is a snake, lying to Othello to try and make it look like his wife is cheating on him. The lines can be

  • I really enjoyed reading your story, and I also agree that immigration is extremely important. I am really glad that you see America as a place of opportunity and safety because the country was built on ideals of freedom and equality. I feel like in recent times, partly due to the current government, the country is not being as friendly to…[Read more]

  • I think this topic is really interesting because arguments can be made from either side. It’s important that we address our first amendment rights, but it’s also important that we look after the safety of other students. The line becomes somewhat blurry though because there is no clear definition to what is considered harassment. This link is…[Read more]

  • As today’s society becomes increasingly oriented around technology, individuals are unknowingly giving up a certain amount of their privacy. Government agencies are intruding on innocent people’s privacy by m

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      Thanks for your contribution here. I plan to share your post with my high school students in Philadelphia who are doing a deep dive into the topic of Online Privacy. Hopefully, they will gain some insights from your perspective.



  • As today’s society becomes increasingly oriented around technology, individuals are unknowingly giving up a certain amount of their privacy. Government agencies are intruding on innocent people’s privacy by m

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    I really enjoyed your poem. I found it really easy to connect to because I think most people have experienced something or someone like this in their lives. You did a masterful job at bringing all of your emotions together in a poem, and I think that you should continue to write poetry.

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    I completely agree with your point. In my experiences, I have found that having a positive mind set helps in many ways. When approaching everything I do I try to have a positive mindset because it helps you achieve more and do better. I think it is very important that you pointed this out because it is a lot easier to have a negative mindset, but…[Read more]

  • Yes! I know exactly what you are talking about. At my school this has happened to me multiple times, and now I’m a lot more open to different teaching styles. I think it is really important to meet someone before you judge them. I would love to know more about the teachers at your school?

  • I think you chose a really good topic. When you mentioned in the second paragraph that there is no way to entirely prevent it, I think that was a really good point because it is always going to happen, but there can be steps taken to make teens more responsible with it. Here is a link to a page that I think you might find interesting because of…[Read more]

  • I chose immigration as my political issue because I knew it was a prominent issue but I was not very educated in the topic. Ever since Trump became the president I have noticed that many more people discuss

    • Hi Chris, I really enjoyed your article because you touched on such a contradictory topic. I really liked how you pointed out that your sources said our stereotypes may not be correct. “…there are some contradicting opinions on the issue of immigration in the United States. Some polls show that stereotypes are not always correct,…” I really liked this comment because you got your information from an article that took polls. I think that it is important to get many peoples opinions on important debates not just 1 or 2, and you choose and article that used polls. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/573ba69bcf80a1323384f7d6/t/5a254aa553450a9dabcd2c24/1512393382315/Timberlake_et_al-2015-The_Sociological_Quarterly.pdf.I found this article that goes more into the stereotypes of immigrants and how we can “get over” the stereotypes, I think you will like it because it has charts that tell you information about certain stereotypes. I have heard stereotypical slurs in my school and I like that you wrote about some stereotypes being wrong.

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    I think it is cool that you are willing to tell us about yourself. I agree with you that you shouldn’t have gotten kicked out of your school, and some similar things have happened at my school.

  • Muy interesante. Creo que es impresionante que hayas incorporado aspectos de un libro a tu vida. Sigan con el buen trabajo.

  • I agree with you that America was based of the idea of freedom, and there is no doubt that freedom plays a huge role in the foundation of America, however I think that to answer your question we have to look at how the policies in the constitution are being applied in the country today. Although the country is based on freedom, many of the…[Read more]

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    Very interesting. I think it is very interesting that you have a strong relationship with God. I think most people in highschool are disconnected from religion, so it’s cool that you are involved.

  • I think your topic was very interesting because as seniors in high school we have all experienced and had to study for standardized testing. You made some very interesting points that I have personally experienced, and I think that bringing awareness to this issue is very important. Do you have any ideas on how to possibly fix this?

  • Hi Natalie, I am also 17 and wondering what I am going to do with my life. I have some ideas, but at this point nothing is final. I would love to travel with my family as well. What type of business are you going to run?

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    Your post is very well written. You addressed the issue very well and wrote a very informative essay around the issue of gun control. #gunsafety

  • Environmental conservation is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue in today’s world. It is becoming widely known that our environment is crucial to our survival, and if it continues to degrade, so will our

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