Central Idea:

    The second chapter in the arrival is very important chapter because it give the reader a view of the immigration process. The main character, in this part of the history is som

    • I like the central idea

    • Alfa replied 1 year ago

      this group wrote a good summary!

    • Alex replied 1 year ago

      I am happy with your central idea in chapter 2 of the arrival, because it is really important. It helps me in my understanding of this chapter. this central idea helps us understand or have an idea of how immigrants are received in new countries and in my opinion its a very good argument. another sentence that I liked was is because I can connect it with my life because when I arrived in the united states they gave me a very good welcome

    • Luis replied 1 year ago

      Dear Delsy
      I really like this chapter II of The Arrival because the way your group and you express the feeling of the man getting in the new country. One thing I really like it was ” When he finally get to that new places he saw a statute of that It look like a immigrant and a person that is from places”. This is a good connection because the author message about all the book its about immigrants and that’s what i like it

    • Ashley replied 1 year ago

      dear classmate, i like the summary because is very detailed and we can understand the chapter without reading it, also it tell shows us why the setting is important

    • dear:students, i am agree with your post symbolism on chapter 2 of the arrival, because all yours said its true how fathers and mothers leave of theirs countries to help theirs family for many reason and to resolve the problem they got

    • Hector replied 1 year ago

      Dear: Delsy

      I am agree with your post “setting chapter 2 The Arrival Because… info and show to the readers what is the process for the man to get in the new city and its something that imigrants know
      One sentence you wrote that stands out me is: “after the father arrival to a new place with different animals, plants, people , language, and culture also a new type of life.” I think this is how every immigrants feel.

  • Literary Element

    It’s difficult for immigrant to adapt to big changes. Change is sometimes good, but most of times it is scary. Change is needed to have a new life. Change is a challenge people have to o

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