• cartert

Hi Husnain, I thought that your post is very motivational. I have actually never immigrated or moved anywhere before. Sharing your story was really brave of you! Here is a link to other people's immigration stories: Have a good one! Stay safe and Healthy! -Carter

Hi Matt, I think that your post is really good and informational. It also spreads the awareness of cyberbullying and how there are negatives to social media. Here is a link to some more information on cyberbullying that I think you might be interested in. Have a good...

Pro Choice View Comment
  • @cartert
  • January 27, 2020

Hi Mariana! I thought that your argument on pro-choice is really good! I believe that women should have a choice to choose whether they want a the child or not. and women should have the right to choose what they want to do with their own bodies, and not have...

The American Opioid Epidemic View Comment
  • @cartert
  • January 27, 2020

hey Nic, I thought that your post on the opioid problem that we have in America is a really important topic to talk about. it was really fascinating to know how many people are misusing opioids. Here is a site with a closer scope of our opiod problem, because Utah...

Graffiti View Comment
  • @cartert
  • December 8, 2019

Hi Hugo! I liked your article. I agree that graffiti is all around cities and people do vandalize places, but I do still believe that some people that do graffiti is beautiful and that they doin express themselves and show messages through it. here is a link to an article that...

Hi Danny! I really thought that your article on underage drinking and how to prevent it was really interesting. I think that people should not be drinking under age and people should be an advocate for themselves to be better and healthier. We are young and I know that it...

Hi Angela, I felt like what you discussed is a very important topic and needs to be shared more about what is happening in the world. Human trafficking is very serious and can happen to any of us. Here is a link to another resource that I feel you...

Hey Nic, Your article was very interesting. I feel like legalizing medical marijuana would be beneficial for many people who are in need of it. Here is a link that I think will interest you and about your topic of discussion:

Hi Kevin, I really like and agree with your article. Here is an article that talks more about healthcare and how Americans can make it cheaper! Hope you enjoy -Carter

Mental Health in Schools View Comment
  • @cartert
  • November 6, 2019

hello Audrey, I enjoyed your article and is something that I completely agree with. I found this link that I thought might be interesting for you to see! -Carter

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