• Hi Husnain,

    I thought that your post is very motivational. I have actually never immigrated or moved anywhere before. Sharing your story was really brave of you!

    Here is a link to other people’s immigration stories: https://www.forbes.com/sites/stuartanderson/2019/12/11/the-most-inspiring-immigration-stories-of-2019/#28021f7615c6

    Have a…[Read more]

  • Hi Matt,

    I think that your post is really good and informational. It also spreads the awareness of cyberbullying and how there are negatives to social media.

    Here is a link to some more information on cyberbullying that I think you might be interested in. https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/cyberbullying.html

    Have a good one!

  • Diseases are around us all the time and they are usually not that much of a deal. We have our seasonal flu’s and occasional diseases that are different than that. CoronaVirus, or COVID-19, is the disease that h

    • Hi,
      In my opinion, we should stay at home and not go out, unless we need to go out to buy the necessary daily necessities.

  • Carter commented on the post, Pro Choice 6 months, 1 week ago

    Hi Mariana!

    I thought that your argument on pro-choice is really good! I believe that women should have a choice to choose whether they want a the child or not. and women should have the right to choose what they want to do with their own bodies, and not have men/ the law be the deciding factor of what they should do with their bodies.

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  • hey Nic,

    I thought that your post on the opioid problem that we have in America is a really important topic to talk about. it was really fascinating to know how many people are misusing opioids. Here is a site with a closer scope of our opiod problem, because Utah has a major opioid problem too.

    link:…[Read more]

  • There has been a lot of controversy about whether students should listen to music while they study. Some believe that it is detrimental to learning, and others believe that it helps students learn and memorize

    • Dear Carter:

      I am impressive with your post, ” Is Music Good or Bad While You Study? ” because I think that when you are doing your homework or studying you are more focused in what you need to do.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “it helps students learn and memorize better” I think this is good because if you can memorize the things better, do it.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your post is very helpful to me so I want to see more of your fascinant post again.

    • Dear Carter:
      I am liking what you said in your post “Is Music Good or Bad While You Study?” because I agree that listening to music can help to focus more and be more relaxed.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “Listening to music can also help with reducing test anxiety.” I think teachers should allow students to listen to music during tests because it can maybe help with people getting better grades.

      Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your post is very informational.

    • Dear carter:

      i am impressive with your post ” is music good or bad while you study” because is fun to listen to music but is not good when you are study because people get distracted and don’t do the work in class.

      thanks for your writing. i look forward to seeing what you write next thanks.

    • Dear Carter,
      I really loved your post about is music good or bad while you study. I agree with you I personally enjoy music while I study because it can block out background noise. I thought the way you presented the information was fantastic, here is an Article that supports both sides.


    • Hey Carter,

      I really liked this post and it helped me get ideas for studying. I personally have been behind on homework and I notice that it’s a lot easier to do with music.

      I don’t think it’s a distraction, it helps us memorize!

      Thank you for your post.

    • Carter,

      I agree with you. I am a person who needs to listen to music while I do homework. Otherwise I lose interest and struggle focusing. That said I believe the “is music beneficial” argument is subjective, and it varies person to person. It appears you agree when you stated, “Listening to music is also not helpful for everyone as well, and can just become a distraction the whole time while they are trying to learn as well.” I for one really benefit from listening to music. However I also know many people who cannot listen to music as it distracts them. Thank you for your post as I feel your input on the subject is rather interesting. I look forward to seeing more posts from you.

      -Alexander Nuntapreda

  • Carter commented on the post, Graffiti 8 months ago

    Hi Hugo!

    I liked your article. I agree that graffiti is all around cities and people do vandalize places, but I do still believe that some people that do graffiti is beautiful and that they doin express themselves and show messages through it.

    here is a link to an article that is a discussion post website on the controversies of graffiti that I…[Read more]

  • Hi Danny!

    I really thought that your article on underage drinking and how to prevent it was really interesting. I think that people should not be drinking under age and people should be an advocate for themselves to be better and healthier. We are young and I know that it happens all of the time around the United States.

    Here is some more facts…[Read more]

  • A lot of people think that a vegetarian diet is not good for a person. A vegetarian diet is actually the same, if not better, than a regular omnivore diet. Also being a vegetarian lowers the risk of heart

    • Hi Carter,
      This was really intresting to read. I didn’t know how many types of vegitarians there are.

    • Hi Carter,
      This teach me new things, I wont know anything about it if I didn’t read it. Thank you for posting this so we can learn some knowledge about being a vegetarian.

  • Hi Angela,

    I felt like what you discussed is a very important topic and needs to be shared more about what is happening in the world. Human trafficking is very serious and can happen to any of us.

    Here is a link to another resource that I feel you may be interested in and is related to your topic.…[Read more]

  • Is gun control really taking away our second amendment rights? I do not think that it does. Gun control should limit the people who buy guns and what type of guns. The second amendment should not be an unlimited

    • I see what you’re getting at, but machine guns are already illegal. Gun owners can buy accessories to make their semi-auto rifle similar to that of an automatic. The purpose of the second amendment was in case of a tyrannical government, the people will be able to defend themselves. Now the only machine guns people can legally own are ones made prior to the cutoff date in 1986, but those are very expensive, usually in the five figure range, and individually/closely tracked by the ATF.

  • Hi Kevin,

    I really like and agree with your article. Here is an article that talks more about healthcare and how Americans can make it cheaper!


    Hope you enjoy


  • hello Audrey,

    I enjoyed your article and is something that I completely agree with. I found this link that I thought might be interesting for you to see!



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  • There have been numerous wildfires occurring in California over the past few years. Many people are being evacuated and affected by these fires. People’s homes, offices, and other belongings all have the p

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