• Throughout this experience of learning both how to research and about Bilingual Education, I learned a lot about both. The reason I choose Bilingual Education is that I have a personal connection to it. I had to

  • Many people are aware of the current debate that is going on about Planned Parenthood whether it should be funded or not. Most people think that Planned Parenthood is just for abortions, in reality, Planned

    • Carelis,
      I had no idea that Planned Parenthood did so much for people. Being a teenage guy hasn’t presented me with any need to go to Planned Parenthood. I think it is really cool what they do for people and I’m sure that not many people really understand what they do like I just learned. I am now in support for funding Planned Parenthood since I have learned more about it. Thank you for making this post and this is the sort of thing people need to learn about.

    • Carelis,

      This is a red hot debate these days and I’m glad you spoke your opinion. I liked how you stressed the importance of planned parenthood. I agree that is has a lot more function than an abortion clinic. It provides healthcare, as you stated, to millions of Americans. In addition, it provides important sexual education, a topic that is often skimped on in public schools. https://2016election.procon.org/view.answers.election.php?questionID=002064
      Here is a link to a debate on planned parenthood, so if you want to expand your knowledge on the issue, a good idea would be to look at the other side’s argument.

    • This a such a relevant topic right now, and something you could have highlighted was the stance religions have. Belief systems, like Catholicism, are very active in promoting pro life rather than pro choice. The Catholic Church does not believe in abortion, and they also do not believe in using any type of contraceptive. One of the Catholic Social teachings is, each person has a right to life and human dignity because they are made in the image of God. The Church believes there should always be an opportunity for life, which is why the Church does not support abortions, birth control, or premarital sex. Being one of the five major religions in the world, I just thought that placing an argument against these traditional theological ideas could have made your argument even more persuasive.

    • Carelis,
      I think it is amazing how much Planned Parenthood does for our country. I agree with you and think that this organization should stay funded simply due to the fact that it provides 2.4 million people with healthcare. That statistic is crazy. I also think it is good to know the other services that Planned Parenthood offers, and how it impacts so many lives. They have even took a stand for healthcare no matter your race or gender. And I think by defunding a company that does so much good could ruin a lot of things for healthcare with the female population throughout America. I found an article thought planned parenthood, https://www.plannedparenthood.org/uploads/filer_public/18/40/1840b04b-55d3-4c00-959d-11817023ffc8/20170526_annualreport_p02_singles.pdf that stated they did 615,499 Pap tests and breast evaluations, 2,808,815 birth control delivered, and 4,266,689 tests and treatments for STD’s. I think that this company is saving a lot of peoples lives, and money when people can’t afford it. And I think America can’t afford to take away the funding to Planned Parenthood. I am glad that you wrote this article, because I feel people need to be more educated on this topic especially with it being such a big controversy in our country right now. I hope you continue to write more about this, because I think you have a good way of voicing your opinion.

    • Carelis,
      I absolutely agree with your stance on Planned Parenthood, and I’m so happy you addressed the other health concerns that the organization dealt with, not only for women, but also for families. I feel it necessary, however, to play devil’s advocate, seeing as that’s a very popular thing to do in the society we live in today. I Planned Parenthood were defunded, do you imagine that absolutely no one in the country would take on the responsibility of helping to privately fund the organization? America is historically a very selfless, loving, generous country and often times gives back to its own people. Even today, Planned Parenthood is run primarily by donations. You did mention that one facility of Planned Parenthood was defunded in Texas, but my question is, where was that town? What use was that Planned Parenthood getting? What is the education level of that town? How many people were aware of that being defunded? If this were to be a universal occurrence, there are some people that have confidence in the fact that people like Mila Kunis, who donates $100 a month, will be able to uphold the organization. Again, I completely agree with your stance, but there is always an argument for the other side.

    • Carelis,
      I really liked your post about planned parenthood. This is a very crazy debate in todays day and age. I go to a Catholic School and the Church doesn’t believe in abortion and contreception. I disagree with that statment. I think that everyone has a right to contreception and abortion. I really liked your article. I never knew everything that Planned parenthood.

  • While researching the topic of Bilingual education I have learned a lot about both bilingual education now and the history of bilingual education. The first thing I learned while researching was that there is

    • Carelis,
      This is very interesting. Having grown up in Utah, I live very close to a bilingual school, but I wasn’t aware of many others. I think that’s cool to know my state has such a high level of language interest. I hope that this kind of interest will spread around the country seeing as the results seem promising. Hopefully, posts like these will inspire a conversation about the prospects of these types of alternative schools. Great post and I loved hearing about this. Look forward to developments on this.

    • Carelis,
      I am very happy that you decided to choose this topic. I think that bilingual education is an amazing way to learn languages. When I was younger, my spanish class only happened about twice a week at most and I don’t that is good enough plus the two years in high school. I hope that we can get to the point, as a country, where we are all able to communicate in our non-native languages naturally. Thank you for talking about this topic, sharing your opinion, and I hope to read more from you in the future.

  • Here in America, I feel that kids who speak a different language at home have a harder time in school. I know for me that English class was always the worst class for me since I speak Spanish at home. Maybe if we

  • Sara, I like how you used past and present shooting to show how this is still a problem and that not much has truly been done. I feel that America does need stronger gun control. I enjoyed how you brought up that the amendment is old and not really applicable to how the world is now, I use that argument often. I think it’s crazy how our President…[Read more]

  • I think that kneeling isn’t disrespectful since they have their hand over their heart. It’s also a way to peacefully protest. I really like how you said the current President is more worried about other countries because I completely agree. I feel like he hasn’t really brought America closer together if anything he has brought us farther apart.

  • I agree that our leaders have the responsibility to be morally right and to also be politically correct. If our leader doesn’t have good moral values such as not accepting those who don’t fit into the “norm” than what does that say about America? Our leaders should be some of the most politically correct and morally right people, but for that to…[Read more]

  • I feel that with our current president people feel as if it’s almost acceptable to be racist and to spread hate instead of love. I am a minority so I have definitely experienced discrimination first handed and it’s not great. But ever since Trump has been president I feel even more afraid to speak Spanish in public scared that someone will say…[Read more]

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    I completely agree that taking a knee is a part of freedom of speech and that shouldn’t be taken away from us. While researching more about this subject I came by a video of former President Barak Obama saying “Freedom of speech is easy to protect when you agree with it, but it’s the hardest to protect when you don’t agree with it but we must…[Read more]

  • My favorite word is actually 2 words and those two words are “thank you.” You may be wondering why that’s my favorite word well good thing I’m about to explain it. I work at a swimschool, so I teach kids how to

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