• The research paper was a great learning experience as a whole. Working on a piece at college level writing helps with the perspective of a high school student and what writing will be like in the future.


  • At first I had too vague of an idea for my topic. I was going to research the effects of reservations on Native Americans and see where the people stood in general. But the more I looked at research databases the

  • Hey Sean, I think this is a great idea for a paper. This idea has more than enough information create the long informative essay we are looking for. Not only should you look into whether or not tests help, but the alternative options too.
    I don’t think standardized testing is the route to judge how well students are doing, but what’s our other…[Read more]

  • I want to research the amount of Native Americans living on reservations and how well they are doing, or if their health is improving or declining. This would have ranging information depending on each state so I

    • Sebastian,
      I think the idea of looking at how Native Americans’ quality of life has changed is very interesting. Your thesis does cover a lot of ground, but some aspects might need some clarification. What is your actual thesis statement? Are you writing an objective or subjective essay?

  • Dear Catherine,
    Your piece is very interesting but there’s not much here about your findings. This sounds horrifying but you only go one sentence into explaining the intensity. It would be awesome if you went more into detail about this topic because there’s a lot about the topic. Find more!! This is an awesome topic.

  • To Be Happy

    Happiness is well known to all, yet something so far from absolute comprehension. No one knows how to “be happy,” only what it feels like when they are. Life is spent buying things we do not need and

  • Isa,
    You have a profound question which drew my attention. There is a lot of information on this topic, so I would love to see you maybe do a more in-depth look at this topic. Religion is different for everyone, also there are way more religions than just Christian or Buddhism (also Buddhism is technically a philosophy rather than a religion).…[Read more]

  • Hey Mia, this is a great piece on the ideas of the social norm and whether or not to conform to it. I identify with this passage because I too am guilty of doing just this. Your reasoning resonated with me and inspires me to do something spontaneous with friends! I agree with the idea of building character with new ideas and new mistakes. These…[Read more]

  • Lindsay,
    I saw your headline and knew immediately I would be interested in this topic. You keep the reader interested with varying of sentences and syntax of referring to information from professors. Truly, I was under the impression one can survive and do well alone. This absolutely changes my opinion on the matter because of all the information…[Read more]

  • Bryanna,
    I love your passion throughout the piece, it’s what makes this such a great read. But in ways your passion gets in the way. I love the content and your information, but your organization is off. Try and divide this into paragraphs, this will make reading easier on the reader so it’s not one huge blob. Then try and find a thesis and some…[Read more]

  • Ceceli,
    I am not too big of a fan of horror movies, so your piece interested me. After reading the last paragraph I was somewhat disappointed because of how much more I would like to see! I understand you were probably going for more of a short and sweet essay, but there’s a lot of potential in here. If you wrote something more in depth about the…[Read more]

  • Sebastian wrote a new post, Morning Bliss 2 years ago

    Mornings. They are the bane of one’s existence but the most beautiful part of the day. They range from a lazy morning full of coffee’s aroma to a rushed escapade. No morning is the same, they all have their dif

  • Sebastian became a registered member 2 years ago

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