• Hello, my name is Cruz Armenta and we are currently reading in English class about robots technology and future possibilities. About how if, robots will end up taking over the world or not and about their

  • I really like this topic you chose to write about because in our school a fight had just happened involving gangs but luckily no guns were involved. But I do agree on how there should be better security to keep students safe. Police should respond faster even if there is not major danger. Will anyone do something about students safety on every…[Read more]

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    I really liked your writing and how you explain how donald trump is affecting the Oakland citizens. Will the mayor of Oakland do something defending undocumented citizens in Oakland?

  • Sophie this really outstands to me “Illegal immigrants are not the problem in this case. Lazy people living off welfare when they can actually get off their butts and work are the problem.” This relates to me because I have the same thoughts. People living of welfare are the ones taking money away from the government then they blame us!

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    Arely – This line really outstands me – “Living in Oakland has never made me forget about my culture.
    There is a lot of religious places where my culture gets together. The church. The sweat. The mosque. The temple. Having a diverse community helps keep my culture alive and learn different cultures.” This relates to me because I also live in…[Read more]

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