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    My best friend Jorge

    My best friend is Jorge. He is my best friend because we are together all the time. Jorge is a good person. He is a good friend, very obedient and calm, and he is a hard-working boy. He is...

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  • de un ejemplo de algo que haces para hacerte la vida mas facil cuando hay algo dificil que hacer. me desaogo con mis padres le pido ayuda en lo que nesecito y con sus consejos ellos me hacen ver las cosas mala de otro punto de vista. De unos ejemplo cuando eso paso. estaba peleado con mi novia y me sentia mal y ellos me consejaron y estuve mejor.…Read More

  • un truco de vida es una estrategia que te ayuda hacer algo mejor o con mayor facilidad y que probablemente tambien ayudaria a otros si los supieran

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    Carlos wrote a new post

    My life as a kid

    I am made of cartoons at my uncle’s house, Puca Loves Garu And translating my homework from Spanish to English  I am made of an MVP who wins for my efforts in baseball  and for focusing on my studies  and my duties...

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    • I am interested in your writing I like how well it was written because I like how you said ” I am made of an MVP who wins for my efforts in baseball.

      One thing that I have in common with you is ” I am made of respecting my parents, being studious, and doing no evil, only good.” I respect my parents and I always try to stay away from trouble and not try to do anything that’s bad.

      Overall I liked your writing it was great and amusing, I’m hoping to hear more about what you have to say and hope to see more of your writing, to see what other things you have experienced and felt.

    • Dear Carlos:
      I am so surprised with your writing, the way of expressing your writing been in a place without understanding the language.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is that you respect your parents the same as I do.
      Another sentence that caught my attention was that you watched cartoons as a child because I feel like we did everything, you made me remember my childhood.
      I know you like baseball, I don’t really like it but I find it interesting to see other people playing it. I thought you might be interested in this because you talk about it a lot.

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    nothing causes me strees.

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