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  • Dear Noe:
    I am touched with your post “Should Schools be Allowed to Limit Student’ Online Speech?” because in our day today there has been many cases where students get bullied because of the schools allowing students to use their electronic devices online. There should be a limit that school must have in order to stop cyber bullying from…[Read more]

  • Schools should be allowed to limit students online speech because it could negatively impact how  a teacher manages their classroom it could be used to violate civil rights and can also furthermore cause

    • Dear Carla
      I agree with your post, ‘Should Schools be Allowed to Limit Students’ Online Speech,’ because cyberbullying could cause the victim to lose their self confidence. Cyberbullying could also affect how well teachers perform in the classroom.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is ‘ over 115 teachers have been affected by bullying’ because its not only the students that are victims of cyberbullying it’s also the teachers. The teachers might not feel as comfortable going to school and teaching a classroom.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because it was interesting reading about this.

    • Carla,
      I think this is an interesting post. I think it is very true that students are prone to cyberbullying and it should be stopped. This will most definitely lead those students affected to feel excluded in their own school. However, a public school that follows all rules given to other public schools have to abide by students’ rights of free speech. This begs the question: if teachers were to limit students speech online in hopes of decreasing cyberbullying, could they possibly cross a student’s right to free speech if they choose to pursue a different issue that doesn’t regard cyberbullying?

      I think this is a topic that has a lot of different view points. I have posted a link at the end of this comment which you may find interesting, as in involves an idea to limit cyberbullying without the issue I have posted above.


    • Hi Carla, overall I agree with your post and I think you have made a good argument. I like that you broke your argument down into three main parts, and analyzed each one separately. In particular, I thought it was interesting that you talked about teachers being victims of cyber bullying because I have never thought about that before. You might like the following article because it talks a lot about relevant court cases regarding the extent to which schools are allowed to limit students’ First Amendment right to free speech: https://theconversation.com/what-are-the-limits-to-free-speech-in-schools-49545. Overall, I really enjoyed this post and I would like to know what you think of the Tinker Supreme Court case.

    • Carla,
      I think you make some good points, I agree that students can easily be cyberbullies and that schools need to do something to monitor this. I like how you provided three separate pieces of evidence to support your claim, they all did a good job of showing real life issues that could be solved through stricter regulations on what we share online. However, while I agree with you, how do you think limiting students online speech would affect their first amendment rights. Could it lead to discrimination by preventing certain issues from being discussed online? Could you think of a way to prevent cyberbullying while still protecting a students right to speech? Overall, thank you for sharing your writing, I really enjoyed reading what you had to say!

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