• Hello Victor, I liked this post about the book your reading. You included a lot of helpful details. They were also very specific and well written. I have never read this book but it sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hello Beth, Let me say I really love this article. I have never even thought of a topic like this. I learned so much from reading this article. Also I did not know that they were doing such a thing in Texas, making prisoner’s work unpaid. Also you included so many websites. Well done!

  •     Religion seems to be the main topic of discussion now a days in the news. People seem to get the wrong message about some religious groups. While some religious groups seem to want to have more control over o

  • Hi Mason, I really like the topic that you have decided to write about. It sounds very interesting. This question has come up a lot when it comes to fights and bullying. Also in everyday living. I liked the article that you included. I’m looking forward to hear more about this topic.

  • There are so many other factors that play a factor towards that question. One is the racial bias that people have not gotten over one another. From the past till now people kill one another just because of the

    • kayden replied 1 week ago

      Chi Chi,

      I really enjoyed your post. Thank you sharing you post. I enjoyed your post because it is a hot topic about many lives that have been taken from this world. I Like your comments on African American are killing Caucasians and how Caucasians are killing African Americans, you show that well towards the end of your post with showing both sides of the spectrum so it shows both sides and how it is a problem for all races not one. It was a wonderful post, thank you for sharing your post.

  • Chidiogo commented on the post, In 20 Years 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Hello Eduardo, I like this mini article that you made. It is true that stereotypes are always going to be around now that they have been made. I would have loved if you added some more examples and articles to explain your reasoning. Although, I still very much like this post.

  • Hello Sophie, I really like this post that you made. I totally agree with you that it’s not fair for the illegal immigrants to receive unfair treatment. I found it interesting that if a huge mass of people were to be deported, economic growth of $250 billion would be reduced. I really love this article because people who talk bad about immigrants…[Read more]

  •              We human beings seem like we can’t keep our heads correct when we are mad or feel like everything is going wrong. Some of us deal with it really well and fix our problems but some of us don’t ow

    • Hi Chidiogo, I am interested in your research topic. Humans are emotional beings. Like what you said “we human beings seem like we can’t keep our heads correct when we are mad or feel like everything is going wrong”; people always tell me never make decisions when I am angry because decisions being made during that time is irrational and impulsive. However, I am always wondering why we will make poor decisions from a physiological perspective. Every single one’s live is equally important so there should be no killing. Thank you for your post!
      Here is a helpful resource: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-moral-lives-animals/201111/murder-and-morality

    • this is a strong and descriptive blog.

    • this is a strong and descriptive blog.

    • this is a strong and descriptive blog.

    • This is a very interesting topic, but Quora.com is not a reliable source.

    • humans will do anything for power.

    • Dear Chidiogo,
      I am delighted that someone is interested in this topic. I do agree that people seek revenge or take upon others to cope with what they experience. Something you wrote that was interesting was,”It’s very sad to hear that people are sometimes willing to kill their own family members.” I thought that what you wrote here is great even though the family can damage one’s mental state of mind. I agree with what you said on how we humans take upon us to make others feel miserable to cope what the have gone through. Thanks for writing this piece looking forward to future pieces you will write.

  • The death penalty has always been an issues because there are so many complications surrounding it. There’s questions such as how prisoners should be killed, where, and if they’re killing an innocent prisoner? Als

    • Chidiogo,
      I liked this piece a lot, because it is well-developed and questions the moral implications of one of the most widely questioned legal things in the United States. In my English class we are currently reading Dead Man Walking, a non-fiction account of Sister Helen Prejean’s spiritual advisory to two death-row inmates, both of whom are ultimately executed by electric chair. I would really urge you to read this book, because it’s right up your alley. It is chilling when you say “imagine being innocent for a crime that you did not commit but are put to death for it,” because that is an immensely terrifying statement. To die, and in an extremely painful manner, at that, would be scary for anyone. Thanks for sharing. I think one other thing you should consider is the point of view of the families of victims, because those are the stories that touch the hearts of pro-capital-punishment advocates. At any rate, this was an excellent opinion-piece with a lot of evidence to back it up.


  • Hello Tanessa, I totally agree with your statements. The U.S. is really treating immigrants wrong because there are so many laws that they are trying to enforce on immigrants while forgetting that america is built up on immigrants. Also the statement that you made saying that “No matter how different we all are, we should be treated the same,”…[Read more]

  • Hello Sophie, I really agree with the interference of work life and home life because of technology. Instead of people to go home and rest for the day, they still are pushed to do more work because of technology. I also agree with the dating topic. Sometimes now these days instead of meeting face to face, people like to sit in front of a computer…[Read more]

  • There are really two sides when it comes to deciding the fate of love. There can be a positive side and a negative side, and it really depends on what you love. In reference to this loving your boyfriend or

    • Paul replied 2 months ago

      I think you raise thoughtful questions on the perceptions and implications of love, and how love can be a relative concept with a multitude of different effects. I would question, however, the comparison between “love” in a personal relationship and “love” of money. While “love” may serve many purposes as a word, I think there is little overlap between the emotional and economic definition of the word. Claiming to love something such as money “too much” suggests an over-dependency on constructions within society. This seems to relate more to a lifestyle choice rather than a personal interaction. “Loving someone too much” is more of a relative statement, and one that is less quantifiable, in my opinion. I would be curious to hear your thoughts!

  • Q: What is the fate of immigrants in America today and in the future?

         If we come to look way back in history, everybody in America is an immigrant except Native Americans. A question from

  • Q: Why does the world sometimes choose hate over love?

            What I have observed is that some people in this world, have seen an unfortunate way of life than others. That some people have so much anger and

  • Amran, I really like this topic that you chose. I never really thought about big businesses and the effect that they may have on small businesses. Although I have heard that small businesses are more friendly even though they may not have the same advantages as big businesses, they bring communities together more. Here’s a source that could be…[Read more]

  • Breyner, I really like this topic that you did. The reason being is because it feels that the government doesn’t seem to look into these type of issues closely and deeply. I really like how you approached this topic logic and reasoning and evidence to back up your claims. This article made me wonder how we can try and make this more open and have…[Read more]

  • Javier, I really like your topic and how well you explained it. It really is hard for the poor especially in a world today. They don’t have enough resources to get them out of the conditions that they’re in which leads them to the negative route. Crime and injustice acts. Keep up the good work with your future topics and articles. Here’s a article…[Read more]

  • Luis, I see what you are saying. I totally agree that the government is discriminatory towards Latinos that are immigrants. Also it is true that Latinos and other races in this country, don’t have the same opportunities to achieve goals that they want to. I really liked your article.

  • Sophie, I really like the topic that you chose and how you explored the different ways that we approach using the word love or how we feel about that word. I do agree with you that love is a choice and feeling because we do have the choice to love something or not to. This was a nice article.

  • Q: What might be the effect of social media on younger kids in the future?

    What I do know is that kids in the future will be impacted by social media because even young kids today are being affected by it

    • Lexi replied 5 months ago

      I agree with what you are saying, Chidiogo. I think that having such access to technology can lead to unhealthy habits, as well as bullying over the internet. I think that if it can be used in moderation , as well as respectfully, then it can be used to our advantage, but it is incredibly dangerous to risk it.

    • Anna replied 5 months ago

      I have also wondered about the effects of social media on kids in the future, and even on ourselves, as we are the first generation to experience the limitless world of social media. I agree with you, I think social media has a negative effect on kids. It prevents them from learning crucial social skills since all communication is online. I think you may find this article interesting, http://college.usatoday.com/2012/10/11/opinion-why-social-media-is-destroying-our-social-skills/. It is about social medias affect on our social skills. However, you were also persuasive in saying that it is also a great tool that connects people together from all around the world. I look forward to reading more from you Chidiogo!

    • Chidiogo,

      I agree, many children are getting their hands technology when they are too young. This promotes children to stay indoors and stare at a screen all day. I am a student in high school and so my parents always tell me how they didn’t have technology when they were kids like we do now. An example could be me getting a phone when I was in seventh grade and my little sister got hers when she just got into fourth, this shows that as time goes on younger and younger generations are being introduced to technology. Today it is not uncommon to see toddlers watching their parents phones in your everyday stores. By introducing children to technology so young they will grow used to communicating through a text message rather than face-to-face. Thank you for your insightful post.

    • I am so so happy you wrote about this topic! I am personally very intrigued about the affects of social media on people. It is amazing how much society has changed just because of social networking. I think it is wonderful that you said that it is a great way for insecure, quiet, and awkward kids to put themselves into social situations. I found a wonderful clinical article on the impacts of social media on children, adolescents and families that I think you would find interesting. http://research3.fit.edu/sealevelriselibrary/documents/doc_mgr/1006/O'Keeffe_and_Pearson._2011._The_Impact_of_Social_Media_on_Children,_Adolescents,_and_Families.pdf
      It would be great to see you write an in-depth paper on this topic. If you did, please let me know and I would love to read it!

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