• What Has Our Country Come To?

    My independent reading book is called Wonder by R.J Palacio. This book was about an amazing young boy named Auggie Pullman who was going to public school for the first time in his

    • Campbell, I think that one of our biggest issues in America is definitely division, like you said. Everyone is either a “liberal” or a “conservative”, and we all demonize each other. I think that the rise of technology has contributed to this, because people can insult people without actually having to look them in the eye, making it much easier to pretend that they’re just evil.

  • This was an amazing peice, that was very insightful. When you said “we ignore the beauty of things around us” I thought that was very true and powerful. This was a very interesting peice, and this topic i have never really heard of that much. I thinnks its so cool how these photographers can use their senses to get a great picture. Great essay, good job!

  • This was very well written, I liked how you went between english and Spanish to really relate the story to where you are from. You were very descriptive, and I could really picture in my head the place you were talking about. Great Job!

  • What does it mean to be an American? To me being an american is living the way you want, and having the freedom to do so. America as a nation has long been noted as one of the best country’s where we all have a

  • Tori, your description on anxiety was spot on I think, and I liked to hear about some ways in your life that anxiety affects you. When you said that u think everyone has some form of anxiety have you found this to be true? Do many people you know have some form of anxiety? Some people in my family are struggling with anxiety as well, and I hope…[Read more]

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