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  • I really enjoyed your post and feel as though it addressed a very important and relevant issue. You did a really good job of mentioning one of the most important issues, which is the coral reef. I learned a lot from this and feel as though it really helps reader see the dangers of pollution in a different and more serious way.

  • Lydia,

    I really liked how you posed a problem and then explained a variety of important reasons why this is such a major issue. I completely agree that any spread of misinformation especially from our country’s leaders is very damaging and can pose several risks. I also found it really interesting how you mentioned that Buchanan said to s…Read More

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    Empathy in America

    In the past year, America has experienced great suffering in regards to racial injustice, political polarization and the pandemic. These issues, regardless of their extreme prevalence, are only a small number of the issues that American’s have had to...

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    • Camille,
      I agree that we, as a country, have to work on empathizing with each other. Especially in the past year, we’ve seen so many people unapologetically go against every moral code in favor of their own selfish agendas. While this year has really highlighted those situations, I think this has been going on for a very long time. Even looking at the foundations of our American Democracy, you see the prioritization of independence over the community. That being said, I do agree that there are people who are empathetic and understanding, but it is always the people who lack empathy who have the loudest voices. How can we highlight and give a voice to kindness in our country in the future?

  • I really enjoyed this blog post and agree that language is so powerful because it allows all people to communicate, even those who can not use speech. I really like how you mentioned that it gives one control over the way that they interact with others because I agree that language gives the speaker control over their attitude, opinions, and…Read More

  • Karla, I really enjoyed how you related the article about gender bias in sports to the ever-present gender bias in other areas of life as well. You provided really good evidence, utilizing TitleIX to get your point across and confirm your ideas. Prior to reading your article, I knew that this strong gender bias existed, yet was relatively unclear…Read More

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