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    Abortion, Roe V. Wade

    In the article, “Roe V. Wade”(OYEZ 2022)I have learned that Texas is making abortions illegal unless its doctors order to have one. Doctors are allowed to do abortions on females if it’s needed to save her life. The fourteenth...

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  • Dear Bryan,
    Your post made me think how serious gun violence actually is. It made me realize that a lot of shootings have caused ton of deaths and left an impact of the lost one family. Something i wonder is how can we stop gun violence and deaths.

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    Abortion, and religion

    In the article, “abortion,privacy rights, and religion” (John 2022) I was informed that religion affects the way people see abortions.Throught the article it talked about women not being able to feel like they are allowed to have abortions due...

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    • Dear Cameron,

      Your post made me think that religion shouldn’t affect anyone in that women should have the right to do whatever they want. Another thing is that people are against abortion due to their religion. I wonder why abortion has an affection in religion.

      Amber Rosas

    • dear Cameron
      your post made me think about who think differently about abortion. I do agree with you on some things because women may have reasons to get an abortion. something I wonder is if the things they do is wrong and if they should get pushiment

      Miguel landeros

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    In the article, “Right to An Abortion” (Cornell Law School 2023). I have learned more about the rights women have and no one is able to interfere with them. They believed that women have their own laws that no...

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  • Cameron commented on the post, Gun violence

    Dear Janet,

    Your post made me think about how frequently people die due to gun violence. Its noticeable how the rating of deaths are just increasing instead of decreasing. As you continue to research, i hope you find out if the state or government will actually do background checks to start decreasing these death rates.

    Sincerely, Cameron

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Abortion, Roe V. Wade

Abortion, and religion


Your Legal Rights to an Abortion

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