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    risks of denying abortions to woman

    In the article, “Abortion restrictions risk women's health” (Bixby center 2023) I learned that women have restrictions that occur with abortions. Through the text it talked about the restrictions of having an abortion how it can be a safe/non...

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  • Dear Janet, 

    Your post made me think about how everyone might have different perspective of guns. Many people believe that carrying a firearm is bad and cause trouble but many people think its good to carry guns for their safety. Something i wonder is if anyone has done anything to show that guns are either bad or good.

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  • Dear Jason,’

    Your post made me think how there were so much people trying to leave to the US as soon as possible. It must of been very difficult to leave and get the help that they all needed. Something I wonder is if everyone was able to escape to the US like how they wanted to and if they all got the help they needed.

    Cameron Hernandez

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    Abortion, Roe V. Wade

    In the article, “Roe V. Wade”(OYEZ 2022)I have learned that Texas is making abortions illegal unless its doctors order to have one. Doctors are allowed to do abortions on females if it’s needed to save her life. The fourteenth...

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    • Dear Cameron,
      Your post made me think that everyone even the women’s should have the same rights as other even though they only want to give them the abortion unless it for there health. Another thing is that they see the womens unless they have to have the same right and fairness and the others. I wonder if the abortion is fairness or is it still unfair to the women and others around the world that are having the same issues as the womens do in not having the abortion.

      Amber Rosas

    • Dear Cameron, 
      Your post made me think about how states that are making abortion illegal are also violating the fourteenth amendment. The fourteenth amendment is supposed to allow privacy for women, but that isn’t being allowed in Texas. Something that I wonder are the types of state that are acceptable for a women to get an abortion.


    • Dear Cameron,
      Your post made me think if doctors might accidentally make the wrong choice of allowing an abortion that the woman doesn’t want, though it may before health reasons they can misinterpret information given to them from tests. It also made me think about an actual woman’s opinion about abortion, more specifically a woman who has gotten one. Something I wonder is if you would be able to find a source about a woman who got an abortion feel about it, to get a better idea to why women should have their own choice..


  • Dear Bryan,
    Your post made me think how serious gun violence actually is. It made me realize that a lot of shootings have caused ton of deaths and left an impact of the lost one family. Something i wonder is how can we stop gun violence and deaths.

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risks of denying abortions to woman

Abortion, Roe V. Wade

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