• Caroline, I think that behavioral therapy should, at the very least, be presented as an equally valid option for managing ADHD and ADD symptoms in children. This solution, however, is most effective when implemented at a young age, so I feel that doctors and parents should seriously consider taking this route rather than prescribing drugs to…[Read more]

  • When I first started looking for a topic to research, I had a hard time finding an issue that I did not already have a strong feeling about and would allow me to be objective when researching sources. Instead of

    • I thought that you brought up a very good argument. I do agree with what you are saying especially after reading this article. I thought it was interesting how you mentioned that you leaned on one side but after more research and more reading you switched sides on the thought of using the medicines which have historically been proven to be harmful to other people without ADHD.

    • Callie, the way you made the piece personal from the beginning made it more than just a research article. Your personal experience with scientific evidence made the issue easier to understand someone, like myself, who knew very little about this topic. Once I understood your reasoning behind this topic it made me interested to know your stance, and later come up with my own. However I think it would have been helpful to expand on the idea of behavioral therapy to further expand your argument. Overall, you did a great job.

    • Callie, great writing. You made me think about topics that I had never thought about before. When you said that the negative effects outweigh the good ones I was surprised, but it made sense. In my own research I am researching the effect of no recess on children with ADHD. I am going to stay up to date on your research paper because I find it very interesting, keep up the good work.

    • This is a really interesting topic, maybe because I don’t know much about it myself. I like how you switched your thought process after finding something that shocked you, and it might drive your research forward because of that. I’m excited to see what you come up with in the near future!

    • Callie,
      as a person who knows absolutely nothing about what you are going through, I can appreciate what you’re bringing to the table here. I like how your personal experiences bring some warrant with them and they strengthen your argument. Congratulations on a wonderful start and I’m looking forward to hearing you research.


    • This article was so interesting! I loved all of the research you did and how passionate you were about it! It is also so good that you cited your sources and so interesting that you changed your opinion based on the research you found. It does seem like there are a lot of negative side effects to these medications. What do you think some possible solutions could be? Should people with ADD and ADHD go off of medication? My cousin has ADHD and it was so interesting to learn more from a someone with personal experience.

      • Caroline, I think that behavioral therapy should, at the very least, be presented as an equally valid option for managing ADHD and ADD symptoms in children. This solution, however, is most effective when implemented at a young age, so I feel that doctors and parents should seriously consider taking this route rather than prescribing drugs to young children as a first resort. Your second question is very good one, but is also hard to answer definitively because each person taking these medications has a different experience while taking them. I personally have become dependent on my medication and would have a very difficult time functioning without it, which is the reality for many adolescents who have been taking one of these drugs for an extended period of time. If people are able to go off their medication or only take it occasionally, I feel that would be the ideal course of action. Thanks so much for commenting, I appreciate your input!

    • Callie, this is not a research paper. This paper is all about you and the development of your opinion as you read more about this topic, that is not what a research paper is. A research paper is intended to inform the reader so that they can make there own conscious decision, admittedly there is a place for your own opinion but it shouldn’t take up your whole paper. You must include specific findings and reports as well as facts and data from many different sources and then draw on conclusions that can be easily understood by any reader. I didn’t see any of that in your writing. But with that being said this topic is very close to me, I too have HDD and have been on Adderall and then Ritalin up until late last summer when I decided not to take medication any more. I made my decision purely on observations I made on my own behavior and I would have found it interesting to read about others observations. That is why you need to have facts and figures instead of just your opinion, so people like you and me who are in the same situation can read it and maybe gain some insight on their own decision.

      • So i believe i owe you an apology Callie, I thought this was your research paper instead of a response. In which case I would love to read your actual paper if you wouldn’t mind.

  • I have chosen to focus my research on whether or not the drugs given to children and adolescents with ADHD and ADD are ultimately helpful or harmful. At this point in my research, I have yet to take a firm

  • We now live in an America where the vast majority of people have cell phones; a fact that many individuals have different opinions about. Some argue that cellphones distance people from face-to-face interaction

  • Asha,
    I completely agree with your point that it is nearly impossible to get a well-paying job without getting a college education, and that is becoming increasingly difficult. If students cannot afford to go to college as a result of the ridiculous tuition and room and board fees, then they will be unable to get a job that can support them…[Read more]

  • If something happened to you that you felt would derail your entire life, and you were given a chance to change it, would you?

    The answer would be simple: Yes. 

    I strongly believe that it is a woman’s right to

    • Callie-
      I really enjoyed your post. I agree with everything you said. Society these days all have their own beliefs and are going to believe what they want to. I think people need to be educated on abortion. I think women should have a choice in what they want to do with their bodies. I believe in pro-life but I also believe in pro-choice. I really enjoyed this.

    • Callie-
      I agree with your post. Women should have the right to dictate their own life’s. If a women is forced to keep a child she doesn’t want then they should force men to be dad since being a mother is a must.

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    I completely agree with your opinion. I believe that it is far to easy for the wrong people to get a hold of guns in this country and proceed to murder and injure people. I think that stricter background checks are a necessity that could prevent so much tragedy and loss. Every person is entitled to their feelings; however, I feel the…[Read more]

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    I absolutely love your poem. Although I live in a very different place than you do, your writing gives me a mental image of your town and what you see. I could not imagine being in your situation and experiencing what you have experienced; however, I feel that it is important to try to understand the perspectives of others. Great job!

  • Phatima,
    I found your poem both insightful and inspiring. Because I come from a very different place, reading your writing gave me a hint of a new perspective. I also admire how much you respect and look up to your mother. Your determination to defy the norm of “tragedy and no recovery” is so inspiring.

  • Something that will never fail to make my day is stumbling upon an untouched clearing or a single blossoming tree while I am walking through the woods. Though I do not purposely go looking for these treasures, I

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