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    Hey Naomi,
    As I read your article I came to gain a new perspective of doing a research. On the beginning I also thought my research was going to be pretty straightforward. Later, however, I found the issue to be more complex than I thought it would be. So I am currently trying to figure out what I have now.
    I guess it’s hard in both ways to make…[Read more]

  • I am very confident with the resources I have so far. I have enough pieces of information from credible organizations, such as CNN or BBC. The main idea of the research is to reveal the “secrets” of chocolate: som

    • I have always wondered why chocolate tastes so good and it’s liked by so many. I’m curious as to what your research and findings will uncover about the mystery of chocolate. I suggest researching about the different kinds of chocolate-this may help you to better organize your findings and put the pieces together.

    • I think that you understand the path your paper is heading in and what it is going to take to get you there. You know how to write a research paper and it’s good that you are questioning your thesis because that means that you genuinely care about this paper and this topic. I think that whatever route you choose to take concerning the issues or benefits of chocolate will result in an excellent paper.

    • Jee,
      I think this is a really good idea to take a break from doing a paper to put into words how you feel about a project, and put your stream of consciousness into words. I think this is very productive and it seems to have helped you to clarify where you want to take your research project and what you really want to focus on. I’m going to try and use this kind of technique sometime. Thanks for sharing!

    • I think that this has the potential to be a very good topic. You didn’t present any information about your topic. I was a little confused as to what your post was about, because you talked about your paper but didn’t really explain what you needed help on. You did ask if your thesis was strong enough but you didn’t state your thesis.

    • I think that to write an effective essay you have to first find out what you are trying to communicate to your audience. You discussed many different parts of chocolate and the process behind it, but you need to focus on the one area you want to talk about. This could be ethical concerns of making it, health concerns or whatever else strikes your fancy. One you have a clear thesis you will have a good essay.

    • I think this is great. It is a very unique topic and I was very intrigued. I am no curious what is behind the secrets of chocolate.

    • This is a very interesting topic and I understand how not incorporating bias must be difficult. I would possibly suggest using statistics and data as much as possible, rather than articles written by people who inflict bias no matter what. I would like to see where this topic takes you!! Good luck and maybe your could find a way to incorporate your own testing of different chocolates (that way you get to eat chocolate:) ).

    • Jee, interesting article. It is hard for me to distinguish your thoughts in this post, but I guess that might be the point. I think your thoughts are very jumbled and confusing and yes, indeed, it is important to find a thesis. Your opening paragraph was very confusing and this entire post was all over the place. If using this article to write your thoughts down I think it was great. If you were trying to update a reader on your thesis I think you could have used more clarity and perhaps better sentence structure to convey your idea better. Otherwise, I love the idea that you are researching chocolate and all different types of situations of chocolate.

  • I always loved chocolate – and it is famous for it’s high calories. I really didn’t care much about what high calories from sugar meant but not it is very clear for me. So I was going to do a study about chocolate

  • Hi Tevy,
    I strongly agree with your argument. Though people care a lot about their out looks, nothing can win over the beauty of personality. The outer beauty differs by culture and region. But everyone like people who are kind and nice.
    Your persuasion was very powerful and I truly believe that this piece of argument will help more people to…[Read more]



    If you have been interested in diet, it is likely that you may have heard of Denmark Diet. The meals of the diet consists of grapefruit, bread, eggs, some meat, vegetable salad and coffee. The plans vary d

  • Yuliana, I think you are right.
    I read few books about those war kids too. They have to fight, kill and survive wars which they don’t even know why it is for. Sometimes adults injects drugs to those young kids to make them kill. They still have to face poverty and insecure environment.
    At least in your book there are people who are willing to…[Read more]

  • My dad always did not let me eat popcorn. My whole entire family did not eat popcorn even in cinemas. It was because most of the corn that were used for popcorn were GMOs.

    As I grew up I got to be on the same

    • Hi Jee,
      I agree with your argument that we, the consumers, should have the right to know whether or not an item has been genetically modified. In the US, it is currently legal, and even encouraged, for farmers and other food producers to use GMOs. I find this confusing because in many other countries the use of GMOs is frowned upon, and in some, illegal. There is a lot of controversy right now whether or not GMOs should be used, especially with the ever growing popularity of organic foods. You should check out the book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” where the author, Michael Pollan, acknowledges many different aspects of the food producing world, including the use of GMOs.


    • Great writing! I personally love popcorn and don’t really put restrictions on my food that eat. I see where you are coming from with how GMOs could be harmful, but I couldn’t live without popcorn.

  • Martin,
    I strongly think that you are right.
    I read an article about a wanted person who walked into the police office to catch a pokemon in pokemon go. I don’t know what that pokemon was but indeed I can see that its a costly one.

    So my point is that it is spoiling children. I never even tried playing it at the firs time; I would have got…[Read more]

  • Hello Mary,
    I do think that you are so right. Maybe the reason that this election is so extreme is because people did not care at the first time. They never expected to have those two left. I am not saying that there are something wrong with those two but as you said many are saying that they will just not vote for this election.

    There was a…[Read more]

  • Hello Rachel,
    It is true that the college is getting harder to pay. I am a senior in a high school too and I lately realized I do face some financial issues while applying to colleges.

    I agree that people who wants to go to a college should get the chance to. Not a lot of people wants to study more and if one has enough passion in getting…[Read more]

  • Unexpected things in life makes our lives much exciting, and happy. That is what serendipity is. 

    This word, not widely known, was on my pencil case that I bought few years ago. It wasn’t even printed big; it

    • That is a way cool experience. I remember my first encounter with the word serendipitous. It was from the movie Hot Rod. Dave says, “Oh, man, it’s totally serendipitous.” He says it under rather funny circumstances but I won’t go into details. That has always been one of my favorite lines from the movie even though I didn’t even know what serendipity was until I read your post. I guess it goes to show that you don’t really need to know the meaning of the word to appreciate its beauty. I’m glad to know that there is someone else out there that likes the word as much as I do and that understands the word even more. This post will help me to find serendipity in life. Thanks so much!

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