• Skylar, this was a very good poem, it was very deep, and made me think about where I come from.

  • Nashe, I have only heard of people under the age of 18 being tried as an adult when the crime is usually murder or even worse. This is an interesting topic to write about, especially since it hits close to your community. I wish you and your community the best of luck.

  • This Mars mission that will take place in the 2030’s is in fact a sign that life on Earth is coming to an end. No one can predict when this catastrophic will happen, or what will even happen. It could happen

    • Sam, this is super interesting and I had no clue that all of those reason you listed are why mars is being looked at for a new home. I can tell you are passionate about this subject and you did a good job of describing what research you did. Good job.

    • Samuel, I agree with your vision of a new world for humans. Because of high tensions between powerful nations and all of the polluting that humans have done, we will simply kill the Earth itself. One wrong political move, and the need for a new planet will be indefinite. I am glad to hear that there has been bipartisan cooperation on this issue, which hopefully will result in positive results.

  • This is an awesome topic. I always wonder if my dog can actually understand me or if he just reacts to the tone of my voice. Good job:)

  • Wow you have really changed my view on adoption, I am baffled. Adoption can be a serious thing, and people do not realize the effects it has not only on the adoptee but both families.

  • Though Congress has been divided for the past 8 years, there is one issue that both Democrats and Republicans can agree on; colonizing mars. Congress is moving towards a bipartisan bill for NASA to establish a

    • Interesting topic, but is Ted Cruz and Obama a reliable authority when talking about Space Travel? In a perfect world, space should be the next big frontier. However, I don’t think it is economically feasible to spend billions on colonizing a planet, especially when destruction is not imminent. I know that private ventures, such as Space X, are willing to fund it and this might increase public interest about space travel. But right now I think it is not economically, socially or politically the right time for governmental funding of space travel.

    • Samuel this is a great post about the potential for space travel to Mars! I never really knew that both democrats and republicans agreed so strongly that Mars colonization is necessary. Part of me thinks this is a great idea and will open up a world of new possibilities but I also think this may be a poor idea because I don’t know if our government has the money to do this. I think groups like Space X are great ideas and it would be really cool if more of them were created. While reading this my mind went off on a little tangent and I began to think about how eventually our species will become extinct just like everything else and time will continue. We will just become a spec on the timeline. This makes me think that it is impossible that there is not another form of life out there, maybe we will see it after we start exploring planets like Mars. I love this post because it made me think and thats what all good posts should do. There are plans by Nasa to get to orbit mars or touchdown in the 2030s, I think if you gather information and statistics from nasa and space X your post would gain a little more validity.

  • The mars mission according to this article cannot be done without unmanned missions to collect data and give scientist information. If it is possible if man can survive in the environment or what equipment needs

    • Sam, your research is very interesting. It’s crazy to think that a few generations from now we could be living on another planet. If we made it to Mars how do you think we’d find/cultivate the resources we need to survive? It will be interesting to see where your research takes you. Good job!

  • I decided to do my research paper on the Mars mission because I have always been interested in space travel, and in the news it has been said that this is going to be a death mission. Why though? Is it due to a

  • Wow what a great essay, I have learned so much thank you!

  • You’re awesome,and totally smart, wish we had more people like you in this world.

  • You are exactly right, for it being such a hard hitting contact sport there really are not that many injuries compared to the ratio of other sports because of he large number of football players. These diseases that football players develop, mainly NFL players, is not just because of concussions. It is due to the fact that these players did not…[Read more]

  • This is great, I have always wonder why the NBA has not been the same post 2010. Like Sid said this is very unique, it shows the science behind the game and what the NBA has evolved to. Along with that how it has influenced the younger generations and what basketball is headed toward in the future to come. Great Job.

  • The electoral college has its positives and negatives. Its sole purpose though is so that in elections it is not just states like California, Florida, and Texas the only representation with it being a popular vote. The electoral college allows small states like Rhode Island and Vermont to still have a say, but not as much as those three big…[Read more]

  • Samuel commented on the post, Our Youth 3 years, 5 months ago

    You are totally right! All throughout school the day after election I heard how our world and future is doomed. Yet what our generation is still ignorant about is that our future of our country is dependent on us not our current president. It is our adversity that will make us successful and such a great generation unlike the type if generation we…[Read more]

  • Great poem, Michelle would be a great president. Look at what she has done for this country without having power like her husband. Not only that but she is not worried about her image on the media like Clinton and especially Trump were doing. Though if in office I know her presidency would be exactly like her husbands, using him as a mentor. Obama…[Read more]

  • Anna,
    I could not agree more, playing 3 sports all my high school career sleeping has not been apart of my schedule. Even when I come home and start my homework right away I am up until 12 even 1 sometimes. Sometimes I wonder how tall I would be if I was able to at least average 7-8 hours of sleep rather than 5-6. Not only that I also wonder how…[Read more]

  • Laughing is good for you! every time you laugh you add 7 minutes to your life.

  • I agree with Angel, but I believe that if we want racism to stop it should be “All Lives Matter” To signify that we are one family. Not one race is more important than another. I do agree with the fact that cops need to be re-trained. What ever happened to not shooting unless shot upon. They are protecting themselves not the people. I do not think…[Read more]

  • During the first presidential debate of the 2016 campaign we saw a viewpoint of gun control through Hillary’s standpoint after responding to Trump’s racial concerns in America. Trump stated that he supported “st

    • I think it’s interesting what you found. I personally think that Guns are why there is so much violence in the world. So in a topic like this I support Hillary when she says “I believe weapons of war have no place on our streets…”. Without guns I feel like there would be a large decrease in the amount of deaths in the worlds. It may even stop police brutality. What are you opinions? Do you think Trump or Hillary is right?

  • Dear Danny,
    Trump being our president would not be the end of the world, nor would it be for Hillary. They are both bad candidates and have their own problems that make the world wonder how they are in

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