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    Dear Wendy, I am honestly happy about how you did this project. I really liked your artist statement I thought that it was very strong you said a lot in just one paragraph which is outrageous. Your shadow box is cool I liked how you added a lot of pictures and I also liked the black roses you added in your shadow boxes. You did very good in this…[Read more]

  • This shadow box represents many things. Some of the things it represents is my ethnicity. It also represents one of my chosen identities which is being a soccer player. My shadow box also show some dominant

    • Bryan,

      I really like your shadow box! I too play soccer and know how it is a big part of your life. I like the medal and other soccer related items but I also really like the quote you added in the bottom corner about persevering through difficult life situations. The attitude of instead of “Why me” but “Try me” is smart and I will remember that next time life throws me a curve ball. Thanks for your input and good luck to Barca in Champions league!

  • Dear Jared,
    Thank you for sharing your work. I love how you added specific stuff about soccer because I myself love soccer and that shows how you love soccer. Also I like the paragraph that you wrote because it said a lot in just one paragraph which shows that you’re a good writer.
    Something you should have added in your paragraph is that you s…[Read more]

  • Dear Alex,
    I love how you made a soccer field in your shadow box. That shows how you are so creative seeing this soccer field on your shadow box inspired me to make a soccer field in my shadow box, So thanks for sharing this shadow box with us. Keep on doing what you are doing. It’s coming home.

  • Dear Takeo,
    I love your shadow box I think it was very creative and I can tell what you were trying to prove. A piece of advice is probably add more pictures. But other than that you did very well in this project keep up the good work bud.
    Sincerely, Bryan Moreno

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