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    Covid-19 Volunteers

    Some teenagers volunteered for the covid-19 trial vaccines, according to Jan Hoffman's article "The Volunteers." Alexandra and Isabelle King, two young teenagers, skipped science class for a good cause (The Trial Vaccinations). They also say that when they assisted...

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    Future Meat

    Did you know that scientists are working on developing a meat-free alternative? A lab-based type of meat is the name for this modern type of meat. It has only been attempted in Singapore so far, but we will see...

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    • Dear Brian :
      I am concerned about what you posted, not about you, but about the information presented. It’s bizarre to hear things like lab grown meat. Really makes you think how far we’ve gone in science.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “…place it in a bottle, and then scientists add nutrients to it…” I think this is kind of monstrous to be honest.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because it was a quite interesting thing I haven’t heard about before.

  • Bryan commented on the post, I Remember…

    Dear Kaimea,

    I am intrigued with your post I ¨Remember…¨ Because I really liked watching PBS Kids as well when I was smaller. Every day when I came to school I remember I would turn on the TV and watch my favorite cartoon at the time which was wild kratts. One sentence that caught my eye was ¨I remember bragging to people I was absent for tw…Read More

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    The Covid Economy

    Ever since covid first started the United States has relied too heavily on other countries to create our everyday products like masks, clothing, hand sanitizer, and other important products. For example, Wessel thinks that “There’s been a recognition that...

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    • Dear Bryan,
      I found your writing on the covid economy to be fascinating. Particularly “There’s been a recognition that if you rely too much on supply chains that are long and go to China, we may find ourselves in a bad place if we need something in a hurry” China has undoubtedly dominated global supply chains for decades now and has become “the world’s factory” since opening up under the policies of Deng Xiaoping. I think our supply chains have been exposed to weakness after COVID-19, and we will most likely see the rise of resilient supply chains. What do you think?

    • Bryan, this is a very interesting perspective, and I definitely agree with you. I like how throughout your examples of elements of our everyday life in America, you show how the theme of being comfortable with our situations may not be as positive as many think. In this case, it seems as though ‘comfortable’ is associated with ‘easy’–through relying on other countries for vital products and choosing to zoom rather than go into work, and like you implied, it’s generally not best to take the easy way out.
      Your comment about the desire to work from home reminds me of an article from The New York Times, “The Future of Offices When Workers Have a Choice” which discusses the possible transformation of the marketplace after this period of flexibility and essentially choice. Like you said, returning to normality by returning to the office seems like the least problematic route, but likely won’t be the case.
      Thank you for your analysis, Bryan, I look forward to reading about your further insight into the effects of Covid on our economy–a topic that needs to be considered.

    • Dear Bryan,
      I am very impressed by your post “The covid economy” because it is an analytical perspective on what has happened so suddenly. I think the post is very clear and well thought out. The information relates to the covid economy very well.

      A sentence that really stood out to me was “If this goes on there will be huge economic impacts to small businesses like coffee shops and other fast-food restaurants that relied on these people to make a profit.” I think is accurate because with fewer and fewer people going out then will be much less business.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your perspective on the economy is very analytical. Since i am taking Econ and Gov this will be very helpful.

      Adalberto Vega

  • Dear Christian,

    I am totally agreeing with you with your article ¨Do fast-food ads make you hungry?¨ because I feel like they brainwash you in order for you to buy their products. And they use certain well-known people to help them advertise what they are selling. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is ¨As we know, recently Mc…Read More

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