• I firmly believe that Abraham is right with her/his statements about how drugs can affect children and parents. As Abraham said, parents using drugs can affect a child. The child can be abused and get traumatized. Also because of the parents taking drugs very often, that could cause the child to grow up and become just like the parents. One other…[Read more]

  • I agree with you that all people should be treated equally. I see people getting made fun of because of there sexuallity everyday and I think that’s wrong. I also agree with Corinne that there should be transgender restrooms made all over the world so that the people who decided to become transgender feel comfortable going to the restroom and…[Read more]

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    I agree with you angel. I feel like racism needs to stop everywhere in the world. A Lot of black people have been getting killed because of racist cops and racist people. I think all people should be treated equally and nobody should be discriminated. The only way people will stop being racist is if we start doing something about it. Also if the…[Read more]

  • I personally think that abortion is bad and should be illegal. It’s not the baby’s fault that the parent can’t take care of the baby so why should the baby have to die. I think the parent should avoid abortion and give it up for adoption. Thank you kevin for the information you provided.

  • Dear Jean,

    I am interested with your post because I also didn’t understand why crime in the U.S is bad compared to the rest of the world. Now because of your post, I know that the crime here in the U.S is bad c

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