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  • BrookeC
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Overcoming Insecurity View Comment
  • @BrookeC
  • January 22, 2021

Paige, Your post interested me because insecurity is something that young women our age are faced with daily, and it is something that is not addressed enough. I enjoyed that you addressed solutions to insecurity in your post. One thing you said that stood out to me was that...

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Competition View Comment
  • @BrookeC
  • December 10, 2020

Dear Peyton, I am very intrigued by your post because, as someone who experiences competition daily in my life, I feel as though your points are extremely valid and should be spoken about more often. Competition is often seen as something positive that promotes growth, but it can often...

Dear Lydia, I am interested by your post because, as an active social media user, I feel as though it is important to recognize the different language used on these platforms especially involving slang. This ineffective type of communication can lead to misinterpretation of messages, often resulting in confusion...

Dear Lydia, I am very intrigued by your post because I feel as though this concept is overlooked by many people, especially in regards to the election. People tend to believe everything they see in media and disregard the bias that may be present. One thing you said that...

Dear Abdul, I am very interested in your post because I have heard this argument from the perspective of a member of the Muslim culture. As a Catholic, I am lucky to have Sunday’s off of school for church, but I never realized that not every religion has this privilege....

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Are Uniforms Needed? View Comment
  • @BrookeC
  • October 30, 2020

Dear Deng, I am intrigued by your post because, as someone who attends a school that requires uniforms, I agree in a sense that students should be able to express themselves through their choice in clothing; however, I do believe that uniforms create a sense of order and focus...

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