• The view of this is beautiful and seems like such a peaceful place to be at, you were very lucky to be able to enjoy this view.

  • i love this writing, I believe writing can be a type of therapy to heal the mind and let a person express themselves.

  • This writing was very nice to read because of the story she tells, she speaks about how she came from a different place and hardly knew english but now she’s confident in her english and is more fluent with it.

  • I like this essay because as a young child you explained your struggles and the things you have learned and accomplished.

  • Respecting me is not something I obligate people with, but if you’re not going to respect me then I don’t see the purpose of having communication with you. As a teen I think that’s when you grow and realize things

    • Britney, I think that you made some really good points about respecting people. When you said that letting go of people who don’t respect you has “become something easy to do,” and that you believe that “it’s a good thing that I can let go of toxic people,” I felt that getting rid of bad relationships is really a skill that will help you throughout your life. A lot of people seem to think that you should always stay committed to your relationships, but if you’re not being respected within that relationship, then you shouldn’t have to be.

    • Britney,
      I really liked the ideas you put forward in this piece. Your discussion about respectful relationships is something that everyone can relate to. I loved the last line: “All humans are different but we all want one thing, and that is respect.” I think the ideas that you wrote here are really great and say a lot about who you are and what you believe. If you wanted to revise this post, I would suggest focusing on syntax and sentence structure. Sometimes you write in run-on sentences, but that’s an easy fix. Thank you for sharing this piece of yourself and what you believe in. I really enjoyed reading it!

    • Britney, the way you talk about respect is so eloquent and relatable. This is a topic I think everyone can relate to, especially other high school students. It is very strong of you to be able to speak from experience and talk about your own struggles with friendships and the show of respect. This essay speaks to the experience of so many people, and it is very refreshing to see someone discuss their own experience. I particularly appreciated the part where you discussed the summer of 2016, since you opened up about your own struggle.

    • Britney,
      I really appreciated this article and enjoyed reading your perspective on the ideas of respect. I agree with your basic ideas of respecting people who give you respect, and think that this would build solid relationships founded on mutual respect between two people. I feel your article is blunt, but honest and I respect that. I hope to hear more from you in the future.

    • Your topic is so important and i believe that for teens it often is difficult to know you are worthy of respect. I love that your personal take on respect has to do with the fact that you yourself know that you deserve it.

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