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Romeo and Juliet Passage Recording

I decided to read a short monologue done by Romeo in Act 1, Scene 1, and line 176 of Romeo and Juliet. The experience itself did teach me a lot though, as it showed me that there are a bunch of different of factors that go into the performance itself. For example, I had to change both my volume and […]

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Othello Close Reading

First Passage Paraphrase Desdemona (1.3.208-218) Father This is very hard for me as I am torn between two duties You gave me education and life, and I owe you for that You gave me everything I have I respect you very much for that I must obey you cause I am your daughter, but this is my husband I owe […]

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Active Efforts to Combat Human Extinction

Though there have been many proposed solutions as to combat certain doomsday scenarios when and if they come about, there does not seem to be much follow-through afterwards. As helpful as these resolutions could be, there is no point to any of them without action. I in fact came upon a certain article that discusses these exact situations at great […]

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When will the human race come to an end? Argumentative Research Topic Part 3

As I was searching around the EBSCO databases I found a very interesting article entitled “The Sky is Falling.” which was a scientific piece that focused on how an impact by some sort of space rock or object could cause the mass extinction of the human race . However, this article brought about far more statistics and stated facts compared […]

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When will the human race come to an end? Argumentative Research Topic Part II

After reading the article “We have a choice of many kinds of apocalypse”, I have come to a realization that I have had a fairly narrow view of how we as a species could potentially meet our demise. Besides Armageddon via extraterrestrial collision or sheer overheating from the destruction of our ozone layer, there are a variety of other ways […]

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When will the human race come to an end? Argumentative Research Topic

Us humans have been around for along time, but at the rate we’re going right now, we might not be around much longer. Due to factors such as pollution, lack of resources, and sheer overpopulation, the future isn’t looking all to bright for humans right now. In an article by CNBC, world-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking claimed that, ” the human race […]

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The death penalty and when it is appropriate.

A few hundred years ago, all around the world, the penal system was absolutely. People would be sentenced to death for even the most petty of crimes and nothing would be thought of it. Public executions would be held as a form of entertainment, and average citizens could occasionally participate in the killings themselves. However, our society as a whole […]

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How has the internet changed us as a society?

There is no doubt that the internet has become a big influence in today’s world, as not only does it provide easy access to communication with almost anyone, it is also grants us the ability to find any piece of information that we choose to seek out. Things like finding out the weather for the week or finding out the […]

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When and how will the world end?

A pressing question on many people’s minds is the date on which the world will cease to exist. There have been many conspiracies and hypotheses on this topic, yet it seems as though no one can agree on a particular time. The mixing of religion and science simply do not work with this topic, and therefore it is highly controversial […]

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What are the biggest issues facing the world today?

Though there are many issues facing the world today, there are some that are much more pressing than others. And whether that be problems involving education of a certain group or simply the general welfare of humanity, they all contribute to the overall theme of ‘changing with the times’. I did some research on this topic and I found a […]

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What happens after we die?

Something that I already know about what happens after we die is that there is no absolute way to be certain about anything. Though many people believe in various gods or afterlives to cope with the impending, inescapable fear of death, they cannot be 100% sure as to what will actually happen. No matter how strong your faith is or […]

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