• I decided to read a short monologue done by Romeo in Act 1, Scene 1, and line 176 of Romeo and Juliet. The experience itself did teach me a lot though, as it showed me that there are a bunch of different of

  • First Passage Paraphrase

    Desdemona (1.3.208-218)


    This is very hard for me as I am torn between two duties

    You gave me education and life, and I owe you for that

    You gave me everything I have

    I respect

  • Chisom, though I do agree with you on the point that every American is entitled to equality, I do not understand what you mean when you say that, “people of different races and sexualities have had trouble attaining their rights and it shows that people living in the us should have rights that fit their needs.” If this were the case, then it would…[Read more]

  • Ceceli, I think that your topic concerning the misconceptions of Planned Parenthood is very important as it plays a very big role in our society. Many people underestimate how much good it does for humanity as a whole, and not everybody understands this idea. I found it shocking when you said that, “The most common misconception formed about…[Read more]

  • Though there have been many proposed solutions as to combat certain doomsday scenarios when and if they come about, there does not seem to be much follow-through afterwards. As helpful as these resolutions could

  • Ed, I believe that you have crafted a very well-written essay on the problem of helicopter parenting that a lot of people do not like to address. Many children nowadays are coddled by their parents to the point where they are unable to function later in life, leading to extremely dire consequences. As a child, my parents helped me out in many…[Read more]

  • Billy commented on the post, A Poem 2 years, 5 months ago

    Kevin, I really enjoyed your poem as a whole and how your formatted the structure of the story. It almost felt as though I was there witnessing this great battle unfold. The lines that say, “You talk mighty talk dragon, but when we clash I will have the end glory. A perfect ending to this knight’s story” were just so perfectly written! I really l…[Read more]

  • As I was searching around the EBSCO databases I found a very interesting article entitled “The Sky is Falling.” which was a scientific piece that focused on how an impact by some sort of space rock or object could

    • Billy!
      What a great start to you research essay. You had great evidence and multiple argumentative points, which is the most important part of a research paper. I never knew there were meteors of that great of a size just floating around in space; that is terrifying! I also never knew that a meteor hit is the thing that will most likely lead to our world’s complete deterioration. Then again, I usually don’t think about the end of the world. You should look into this article http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/huge-asteroid-that-could-end-the-world-is-defying-gravity-as-it-moves-towards-earth-scientists-say-9670910.html it mentions multiple studies that have to do with your same topic. That website actually has many articles that discuss mass meteors, and their likeliness to hit Earth, etc. You should definitely check it out! I hope they help.

    • Billy,
      This is a crazy and scary topic. You have a host of good evidence here, and it’s going to be a really good essay in the end. My question for you is, since this is an argumentative essay, when do you think the human race, and do you think it will be natural or human-caused? Another thing to consider is the group of scientists that calculate the “doomsday clock,” since they are experts on the issue of when the world (at least for humankind) is ending (and we’re really, really close). The contemporary “end of the world” is this argument that does not seem to be dissolving between the U.S. and North Korea. Read this article: https://nypost.com/2017/10/11/north-korea-to-us-were-on-the-brink-of-nuclear-war/ … and tell me what you think.

    • Hey Billy, This is an amazing topic that has potential for a multitude of points of view. This is a somewhat scary topic to discuss because it is talking about the unpreventable demise of the human race. I personally think that it will be humankind that destroys itself. We are constantly developing things that can bring great harm to our environment as well as ourselves. I found an article that talks about one idea about how the world will come to an end due to a population outburst and deteriorating resources.
      This is idea for a research essay and am curious to know about how humankind will meet its demise. That sentence I wrote sounds terribly dark, anyways good luck.

  • Autumn, I really enjoyed reading your poem as it really conveyed you as a person through all of your personal interests and aspirations. I especially liked the line where you said “I am from warmth and comfort
    and understanding”, as it conveyed perhaps your emotions to other around you. This style of formatting your poem was really beautiful and I…[Read more]

  • Cicely, I find that your research topic on the Church’s attitude towards mental illness is compelling as nobody seems to be talking about it. I found it surprising when you said that “her normal doctor advised against it”, was he in fact religious in any sense? I also took the liberty of researching and finding an interesting source concerning…[Read more]

  • After reading the article “We have a choice of many kinds of apocalypse”, I have come to a realization that I have had a fairly narrow view of how we as a species could potentially meet our demise. Besides

    • Billy,
      This is probably the most interesting post I’ve read on this website. I really like this post because you aren’t making this topic into a joke, but it is in all seriousness. And I agree with you! I think pandemics and epidemics will eventually get to the human race. Our vaccinations and shots are starting to create super-viruses that our bodies won’t be immune to (especially through the antibiotics found in meats). I also heard the flu epidemic going around right now is “killing 4000 people a week” (which I highly doubt, but it is still really scary to think about because maybe it isn’t a flu but a new virus with flu-like symptoms). Also, the movie Contagion comes to mind when I read your first paragraph about pandemics and I recommend watching that movie! Here is an article you might like: https://www.motherjones.com/food/2012/07/antibiotic-use-vaccines-factory-farms-creating-new-pathogens/

    • Billy, I absolutely love posts like this I have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about our Earths demise and how we will become a single blip in time. There are so many crazy theories to how we might die some more realistic than others. To be honest I would like to see how some of these theories would play out. We may still be alive when our world comes to an end but I doubt it. Because of this I will never see how the World ends and I would actually be very interested into how it does. If I could take a step back and watch many different realities of the many apocalypse you spoke of in your article like a simulation I would. Keep doing research I would be very interested in what you find. Heres a article that might help you.

      How will the world end? Six terrifying ways humanity could be destroyed

  • Jaylin, though I do not know you personally, I think that they way in which you express yourself in this poem is simply beautiful. By describing yourself through things you love and enjoy, you portray a sense of individualism that is unique from any other person. Please continue to create works such as this one as I found it very beautiful,…[Read more]

  • Ed, I find that your analysis of age limits for certain things such as voting, drinking, and being eligible for things such as war very compelling, as not many people consider why these ages were set in the first place. I am very interested to hear more about this subject because I often wonder why someone can give their life for their own country…[Read more]

  • Us humans have been around for along time, but at the rate we’re going right now, we might not be around much longer. Due to factors such as pollution, lack of resources, and sheer overpopulation, the future isn’t

    • Billy,
      I find this topic very interesting. I have seen scientists and meteorologists in shows who discuss this topic and they mention a “cap” to human existence meaning that eventually the human race will get to a point where we can no longer survive on this earth.

    • Dear Billy,
      I agree with the fact that the human race is the one to blame for the affects we have caused to planet. Maybe you should look for articles on climate change and the damages it has done around the world, which is a leading cause to the change in weather and potential extinction to animals on earth. You could also look for the over grown population around the world, as to why in certain cultures having a big family is a good thing but the impact it has on earth it isn’t. I am interested in to what else you will add to your topic, good luck!

    • Billy,
      This topic was very interesting to read about. This link will take you to an interesting article I read about why we should colonize otehr planets. https://futuretravel.today/why-we-must-colonize-space-ea7d54e2deb6
      I have heard this topic before that there is a cap to how much we can take from the earth until there just arent enough resources. Hope you find what you were looking for.

    • Hi Billy,
      this is a very interesting topic that you have chosen. Your topic concerns all of humanity, and plays a huge part in our future generations. I often wonder how long it will be until we kill off our species, or we destroy all of our resources and food. A good resource/video i think you would find interesting is linked to this comment. I think you should check it out if you have the time.

  • Maxwell, I found that your article on assisted suicide was very interesting and I am glad that you brought this subject to light. Though it is an uncomfortable subject to talk about, it is necessary to discuss as it happens on a daily basis. I also learned new information as you explained that it was not technically a treatment but instead…[Read more]

  • Srihita, I am very glad that you followed up on this experiment as I saw it a few weeks ago and was curious as to what you found out. I am genuinely surprised that there is actually a great number of people who do not support euthanasia and would not give the option to their family members even if they requested it. I am also fairly surprised that…[Read more]

  • A few hundred years ago, all around the world, the penal system was absolutely. People would be sentenced to death for even the most petty of crimes and nothing would be thought of it. Public executions would be

    • Hey Billy,
      This is a pretty interesting topic to discuss, but “when is the death penalty considered appropriate” leaves room for a fairly subjective response. I’ve been conflicted in my own ideas of the death penalty and in which cases (if any) I do or don’t support it. With such an emotionally driven and radical concept, it’s hard to maintain a steady perspective or pick a definitive standpoint.
      There are a few questions that come to mind when I think about capitol punishment.
      Who are we to decide who deserves to die?
      Can people change?
      If we torturously execute someone, how are we any less criminal than they are?


  • Srihita, I hope that you can post the results of your survey after it is completed, as I find it a very compelling and challenging issue to tackle. Not enough people focus on how big of a problem this matter has become in terms of morals, and I think that there should be a lot more public opinion on how it should be handled. I posted a link below…[Read more]

  • Keaton, I really enjoyed your article and thought that your comparison between Huxley’s “Brave New World” and CRISPR was spot on. Though genetic engineering does sound like a good idea in theory, there are a lot of problems that come with it . A good example of this is when you claimed that: “the Director of the factory said that all the Deltas…[Read more]

  • There is no doubt that the internet has become a big influence in today’s world, as not only does it provide easy access to communication with almost anyone, it is also grants us the ability to find any piece of i

    • Billy,
      I really enjoyed your post. I think that this is a topic where everyone can relate to it because we all have access to the internet. My three year old brother already has his own Ipad. I think that we need to stop relying on the internet so much and start going back the basics. For instance, instead of using your phone for directions, get out the paper map and find a way to get there. We are always relying on the use of technology to help us get around in life and we should start to change the way we use it. Here is an article about millenniums and how the phone is impacting our social life that I think you might like: https://www.cnbc.com/2015/10/15/social-media-making-millennials-less-social-study.html

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