• Issa, your topic choice is very interesting as it brings to light an issue that seems to be widely ignored. Because Yemen is such a small country, there doesn’t seem to be much effort being put forth to solve issues there such as women’s rights or education. I also did not realize that 69% of girls did not attend school. Thank you for bringing…[Read more]

  • Javier, I believe you are really onto something with your research on the topic of how the fast food industries have taken advantage of the poor, and you have done a lot of work to support this claim. However, I feel that you should shift your attention onto how people with less income can find ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle while also…[Read more]

  • Breyner, I believe that your topic is compelling and can lead to a very interesting research paper, but you made need to focus your attention more on a specific area in California. In your first source, you cite that 1/4 of children in California live in poverty while in your second and third sources you talk more about poverty specifically to…[Read more]

  • Cami, I completely agree that art classes can be beneficial to students, especially those in the public education system, but the plain fact is that the budget for such classes isn’t available right now. In this article I found https://lawstreetmedia.com/issues/education/cutting-art-programs-schools-solution-part-problem/ the reason as to why art…[Read more]

  • Rim, your research was compelling in terms of how black people can feel oppressed by certain people or the police, but your sources are all one-sided. I would suggest flipping the viewpoint on the oppressed groups. All of your sources are about the injustices suffered by African-Americans, so maybe try to see if there is any bullying coming from…[Read more]

  • Erica, I completed agree with all the points you have made in your post. Technology is a very volatile element in our culture today and has its benefits and hindrances. You included an interesting quote from the Huffington Post that said, “children’s developing sensory, motor, and attachment systems have biologically not evolved to accommodate t…[Read more]

  • Something that I already know about what happens after we die is that there is no absolute way to be certain about anything. Though many people believe in various gods or afterlives to cope with the impending,

    • Are you okay?

    • Dear, Billy
      This piece of writing was very interesting because it gave me a reason to think in what happens after death. Your post reminds me of something that happened to me one time when I was 13 my auntie died for like 5 minutes and she was telling us story on how she saw a bright light and beautiful green tress and beautiful lands.One thing that you said that stood out to me was when you said “No doctor or scientist has yet to give any in-depth explanation as to what our afterlife will be like, and perhaps it will simply be one of the many mysteries of life. Heaven, Hell, or just nothingness are just potentials as to what can happen, not will happen. ” This shows on how doctors themselves have not even came up to explain to use or anyone who really studies about after death but till this day we have no answer.Thank you for sharing this story it really opened my mind and made me think.

    • Dear Billy,
      I am interested in your post because I have always wondered what the afterlife experience would be like and what would actually happen. There are many beliefs in the world today but there is certainly not a true. To be honest it doesn’t matter what others believe it all comes down to when you actually do die. One thing you said that stands out to me is “inescapable fear of death, they cannot be 100% sure as to what will actually happen.” I think this interesting because it keeps me thinking of all the different possibilities when the day does come.

    • Dear Billy,
      I am interested in your post because I personally am not a religious person and if I’m being honest I’ve yet to come to a conclusive and indefinite belief in an afterlife, though I am leaning toward the, let’s say, defeatist view. You addressed that faith or one experience of a man who claimed a vision after legal death is not true and irrefutable justification in the true answer of an afterlife, which is a view that I share with you, as the claims of a very religious man who spent their entire life devoted to their religion would be indefinitely biased. Your quoting of Dr. B J Miller’s statement, “There’s often no dramatic moment of death, but rather it’s somewhat ordinary.” made an impression on me. It is one I myself have considered and I feel as though he has formed an ideal description of. Thanks for sharing your post, as it really pulled my attention about life, and what happens after death.
      Alex Bishop

    • i was interested in your post because i believe no one really knows what happens after death whether its afterlife or something to do with ones religion. one thing you said that stands out to me was, “Of 2,060 cardiac arrest patients studied, 330 survived and of 140 surveyed, 39 per cent said they had experienced some kind of awareness while being resuscitated.”, because i remember hearing stuff like this about aliens. Although this doesn’t have much of a connections i remember hearing how people would disappear and reappear with no idea what happened. Your essay reminds me of something that happened to me. People would always say that this happened but not with death. Thanks for sharing your post. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because i found your point of view interesting.

      Kaylea Sullivan

    • This is something great to talk about because many of us probably wonder what does happen to us when we die. Are we decomposed are we still leaving a soul or ghost? In this circumstance there are many questions one can ask

    • Dear Billy,

      I am very satisfied with your essay about what happens when we are dead because you show your point of view of what you think would happen and you give us very good facts saying “No doctor or scientist has yet to give any in-depth explanation as to what our afterlife will be like, and perhaps it will simply be one of the many mysteries of life. Heaven, Hell, or just nothingness are just potentials as to what can happen, not will happen.” This is very interesting because you state how not even professional doctors can not find out about what happens life after death.

    • Dear Billy,
      I agree with your statement about people believing in something supernatural after death. I believe that people make up these things to either cope with their own guilt of what they have to die with or just as you said, scared to die. I agree with you saying how some people have illusions from almost dieing because there really is no fact for this and i like how you included your data to support your reasoning.

    • Dear Billy,

      Interesting post, great statistic surrounding the cardiac arrest patients who have reported obtaining some kind of supernatural awareness. I think that as science progresses with time we’ll be able to further determine what causes this feeling in near death events, as our understanding of the brain progresses we’ll be enabled to better prescribe what causes this happening for so many people. From a non scientific viewpoint there are countless theories describing different routes to the afterlife and what that’s actually like, but I like the way you talked about doctors opinions and how logically we have no determined afterlife.

      Edward Ryon

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