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    Dear Chief of the Oakland Police Department:

    We think it’s best to let everyone in the police department know that it isn’t okay for the police to think their supercilious towards people. The people of color a

    Police Brutality Situation

    Authors Dear Chief of the Oakland Police Department: We think it’s best to let everyone in the police department know that...

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    • Thank you for your post! I appreciate your insight about upstanders… You wrote, “In order to become an upstander, our plan is to make posters and put them up in the school so this will show people can see what’s going on to the community by the police officers. By putting up our posters it demonstrates that people need to know this information about police brutality and what they’ve become like nonconformists.” While I think that putting up posters at school is a GREAT start, I’m wondering what’s next. Many people at our school are informed about police brutality. In fact, many students have seen / experienced it in one way or another. So, how can you reach out beyond our walls?

      Thank you for your activism!

      Eva O.

    • I’ve witnessed this everywhere i go honestly all over social media and in the news thank you for making this issue be heard and hopefully one day we stop this.

    • Dear Briceida, Gildardo, and Angel,

      I appreciate you guys speaking about this issue because it is very important. My family has experienced discrimination by police, so I believe that police brutality has to stop and cops should bring safety to all people instead of fear. A question I have for you guys is how do you think us, students, can bring change to this topic?

      Elia Urias

    • This is important because the police hurt always the african american during arrest or protest, Eric Garner who was an african american he was chocked to death by the NYPD for selling cigarettes but in the other hand a white 18 year old high school student in Florida Nikolas Cruz killed 17 high school students but the police when they arrested him they didn’t do a single thing to hurt him but if your african american and you sell cigarettes you get chocked to death but killing at least 17 people they won’t do nothing to hurt you only if your white of course.

    • Hey Briceida, Gildardo and Angel,
      My name is Dejuan Jones and I’m a junior at BOYCP and I’m actually working in a project right now about this topic of police brutality. Throughout the years in the city of Chicago the amount of homicides keep increasing everyday and the police officers have actually helped increase these homicides. I want to let the CPD and many more police departments/ centers that you are suppose to serve and protect the people in the community not help increase the amount of innocent homicides in the community. Also I want to the criminal justice system to be more fair with the punishments for police officers crimes. For example: Laquan MCcdonald he was shot 17 times and officer got charged 1st degree murder while a women beat her baby to death and got the death penalty. Officers who commit very large harsh crimes deserve to get the proper amount of crime.

  • Thank you for reading my post i appreciate it that you think my sources are helpful for readers to understand that its cruelty to test on animals.

  • Dear Nacia,
    I really like how u give two perspectives on how they should test on animals and shouldn’t because it can give the audience a little bit more to think about this situation. You give good facts and ideas to the two topics and its good to have that because the information you explain can be helpful. I also posted a blog about Animal…Read More

  • Dear Takeo,
    Im glad about your post,”Should Henrietta Lacks or her family be treated in any different way?” because you give your opinion on this and that matters I think its fair that everyone should be equally treated the same no matter the color or anything. I Like how you explain that everyone should be treated equally so they can all be…Read More

  • Dear Kevin,
    I really like your post because I can understand and agree with it because I wrote about this as well. I really like how you argued with this topic thoughtfully because its wrong to test animals because its cruel and you show that examples from other sources that are well known experts about animal rights. The very top of the blog…Read More

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