• Dear joseph

    I am surprise by your article because the number keeps growing and how is hard for people that are single parents.

    One sentences you wrote that stand out for me is that the number of single parents keeps increasing more and more and i think this a good piece of evidences bc it shows how it keeps increasing.This is shocking to me…[Read more]

  • I wrote this poem to connect Romeo and Juliet to my life. I wrote about love because it is important. I hope you enjoy my poem.


    I love a person

    That doesn’t believe in magic

    when we’re together

    We Be

    • Dear, Brian U.A
      You did a job explaining love in your point of view. The part that I liked is when you said “I love a person That doesn’t believe in magic when we’re together We Believe in fun.” It sounds like your saying you don’t love people who are fake or act fake towards you love people who know how to have fun and be real with you. Some suggestions I have is to try and make the poem have a flow so it doesn’t sound like your saying a bunch of things and it doesn’t connect with each other. I also likes when you made a simile in your poem when you said “ So I’ll smack them like Ms. Dodds smacking my noodles. Overall your poem is great and I enjoyed reading it.
      For more examples you can visit my poem: https://www.youthvoices.live/2018/11/28/theyre-coming-gentrification/?highlight=gentrification.

    • Brian, I really liked this poem because I can relate to some of things you’re talking about. For example when you say, “My love is school because I hate school. ” I can agree. I hate school but my whole entire life revolves around school and is for school you’d think that I love it. I really liked how you were able to put that into words in a more clever way. This poem really intrigued me and I hope to see more writing from you soon. Here’s another poem I think you would like called Love Hate Relationship

    • Dear Brian,
      I enjoyed reading your post. I admire how real and straightforward some of these lines are–they resonate with me. I love how you imply that not all people are important and that is true. Through your poem it seems like you do not want to deal with the drama that others display and that you have better things to do. These things include eating and sleeping. You want to have fun. This poem really resonates with me because I have a similar mindset. I would not say that everyone is irrelevant but I do try my best to have fun and avoid any types of drama. All in all, your poem is clever.

  • Dear Latrell,
    My name is Brian and I am a 9th grader at Life Academy. My favorite part of your Shadow Box project was the pictures you put in. I question I have for you is why you put color is not a crime.
    Keep working hard


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