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    This post is very true, and I agree that respect and karma go hand and hand somewhat. My favorite part was when you said. ‘Although I am respectful to others I still don’t always get respected back, but I can’t let that discourage me; it makes me want to give more to influence people to be respectful.’ It is inspiring to see you not be dis…[Read more]

  • I believe everyone should create themselves the way they want to, block out everyone’s nagging opinions, and do what you feel is comfortable. It’s you living your life, not everyone else. My personal belief wit

    • Brianna, I absolutely love what you said in this! I understand where you’re coming from as I have had friends that made me feel like I had to change who I was to fit in with them. I still sometimes struggle to be who I am and not what others want me to be. I love where you say “You can always walk away from everyone else but not yourself.” It really made me think about whether or not I was happy with the person I am becoming. I also really like the last sentence of your post “So people can call me what they want, because that’s how they interpret me, not how I interpret myself.” I can sense how proud you are of yourself and your confidence as you realized that who you are is all that you need to be. Excellent work!

    • Brianna, this post is very self aware and it evokes in me a conscious perception of how I act around my peers at times. I agree that at times you find yourself sacrificing your individuality for a contrived thought of popularity. It is brave that you left your safety to find your real self and I can see now that you are unapologetically you. My favorite quote from your post is, “So people can call me what they want, because that’s how they interpret me, not how I interpret myself.” It is inspiring to see how comfortable you are with yourself and I respect you immensely!

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