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  • Dear Henry,
    I am exciting about your article, Gun Control in The United Kingdom because it gives out information about what laws they have towards the gun control. It also provides information in why the government believe what they should do between there gun control and how it could provide them.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out to me…Read More

  • DearJeramiahI am happy with your post, Abortion should be stopped! because I agree with what you have to say. Also, abortion is something considered a bad thing.
    One sentence you wrote that stood out for me is “Abortion is murder”. I think this qoute is important because people may be like he still hasnt seen the world yet it cant be con…Read More

  • Dear Markie, “What would happen if we didn’t have sports?” I am interested in your post because sport cause a big impact on our society. From either keeping us entertained to keeping us in shape as well.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “Not only would our health be affected but also our economy.” I think this is interesting b…Read More

  • Brian G commented on the post, Champions League

    Dear morgan,
    I am impressed by your post, “Champions League” because I didn’t know any type of racial stuff would occur in soccer.

    One sentence that stood out to me is, “An incident just happened a ref called a player ¨black¨ and he got very offended by it. Both teams then stopped the game until they got a new official to ref the game. They t…Read More

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    Is Athlete Mental Health Important?

    In article, " Raising their voices" is about athletes talking about there mental health or if there are just mentally prepared for a tuff situation. It talks about how many athletes tend to talk about there mental issues. It...

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