• The United States is one of the most diverse countries in the world, getting its name; the melting pot. America attracts foreigners because of the independence and freedom we have to offer citizens that allows for

    • Lillie-
      I thnk your writing is excellent and I agreed with/liked some of the ideas you posed here. However, while I do believe that times of trouble/chaos/trauma/etc bring people together, there is still a divide. America is a great country for oppprotunity and diversity , but we still hold a particular separation between certain groups, opinions, etc. Because of this I disagree with your statement, “We are always United..”. Unfortunately, this is not the case and our country seems to be more divided than ever with changing opinions, current political situations, and horrible events like the Las Vegas Shooting. While I do wish I could have a more optimistic spirit about the unity of our country, I think that necessary change will have to take place in order for that to happen.

    • Lillie- I really loved your paper! Even though we have many freedoms and are a melting pot, we still have many issues that need fixing. I really liked the part of your paper when you talked about how our differences make us unique, but also bring us together and how we, as Americans, really rely on one another. You did a great job with the flow of this paper and I really agree with your strong claim.

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