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  • Dear Ernesto, 

    I am very intrigued by your post, ¨Biden´s New Responsibilities¨ because it gives more insight as to what Joe Biden has to deal with on a constant basis. I think this is important because not many people take into consideration what a president must do in order to keep a country in control. 
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    New Technology to Stop Drunk Drivers

    The article, “YOU DECIDE Cars That Stop Drunk Driving?” (McGraw Hill) elaborates on the possibility of having cars that detect when a driver is driving under the influence. The goal of this new technology is for drivers to have...

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  • Brenda commented on the post, High School Stress

    Dear Fernando,

    I am very intrigued with your post, ¨High School Stress¨ because it exemplifies the hardships that teenagers face on a daily basis. Stress can play a key role when it comes o challenges one must endure in order to pursue an education.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is: ¨This is true since stress can cause you to op…Read More

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    Climate Change & Earth Day

    In the article, “Earth Day 2022: Invest in Our Planet” (McGraw Hill) elaborates on the history and importance of Earth Day. The goal of earth day is to encourage businesses, governments, and individuals to work together in order to...

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    • Dear Brenda,

      I found your writing on “Climate change and earth day” very interesting topic and very interested in learning on what you have to say about this.

      One sentence I found very intriguing is when you stated “elaborates on the history and importance of Earth Day. The goal of earth day is to encourage businesses, governments, and individuals to work together in order to decrease climate change. Its purpose is to also support more education about the environment in schools. I agree and believe that already focused on opposing environmental degradation, Earth Day also provides significant opportunities to educate people about the impacts of climate change and encourage them to take climate action.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.


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    Texas and Oklahoma Tornadoes

    The article, “Deadly Spring Weather” (McGraw Hill) elaborates on the dangers of this year’s weather within the United States. Some of the weather phenomena can include tornadoes. For example, Texas and Oklahoma have already experienced the severity of tornadoes...

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