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    Ode to Black Wall Street & Hustlers

    Once a peaceful street, turned to flames and hatred. Greedy and power hungry. These people took from you, destroyed you.  You were left afraid and defeated. Left without hope, friends, family, and money. But you managed to push through it, you rebuilt Black Wall...

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    Find out the Shocking Truth in the High-Stakes Mock Trial with Starr Carter (Closing Statement)

    Uncover the Untold Secrets of the Mock UN Trial featuring Starr Carter. Your honor, I am here to address the negligence of this police officer, which has resulted in the loss of yet another friend. Despite this, the officer is...

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    • I see that this was a mock trial. I think it’s cool how you were able to express your emotions even though this is a character from a book/movie. You did a great job!

    • I like how you expressed your thoughts and opinions through the eyes of a character. I feel like through this writing you were able to highlight some real issues that we are facing everyday in our community that need to be addressed. Another thing I feel like this writing was able to do was inspire people to stand up and speak on issues they see and are too afraid to talk about due to a fear of being shunned or looked at differently. I hope this writing pushes people to speak on problems they see.

    • Hi Breanna, your first sentence caught my attention was your first sentence. The way you talk to the reader in second person kept me engaged throughout the entirety of your writing. What connections do you see between Khalil’s case and the other cases of police brutality in the present day?

    • The first sentence really draws the viewer in as prosecutor would start their statement off like that. Shedding light into this issue is good as youths.

    • Your title made caught my attention and made me want to read the article. It’s frustrating to see police negligence go unchecked, especially when it results in tragic losses like Khalil’s. Your call for accountability and systemic change is powerful. Implementing stricter protocols for officers is a step in the right direction. I agree that we need to stand together and demand justice. Thanks for raising awareness and inspiring action.

    • Breanna, I agree that officers that abuse their power should be punished to the fullest extent. I’m happy that people can see that Khalil was a person and not just see him has a criminal. Even if Khalil was selling drugs/using them, he doesn’t deserve police brutality. What bill would you send to people in power to stop police brutality? Keep up the good work.

    • The title brought me here because I am familiar with the topic but interested to learn more and hear other people’s opinion.
      Positive: effectively highlights the negligence of the police officer shedding light on the tragic consequences of unchecked authority. By humanizing Khalil and emphasizing his struggles, she underscores the importance of recognizing the complexity of individuals affected by systemic injustices. While addressing Officer Brian’s accountability, it would strengthen the argument to provide specific examples or evidence of his misconduct to bolster the case against him. Additionally, offering potential solutions beyond stricter protocols, such as community oversight or alternative approaches to law enforcement, could broaden the discussion and encourage constructive dialogue. Positive: showcasing stars call to action for societal change is powerful and inspiring, encouraging collective efforts to demand accountability and justice. By inviting input and collaboration from others, she fosters a sense of unity and empowerment in the fight against injustice.

    • Your speech was powerful and touching, highlighting the need for change in our justice system. I agree with your point about the necessity of stricter protocols for police officers to avoid biases and prejudice. These systemic issues need to be addressed to prevent the loss of more innocent lives. Thank you for opening this conversation and encouraging everyone to share their thoughts

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    Mock Trial of Starr Carter

    Disclaimer: This is a fictional statement based on the character from the novel The Hate U Give, the views expressed in this statement are not my own. Good afternoon, Your Honor, members of the jury, and esteemed counsel. My name...

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    • This is super interesting! Your interpretation and analysis of Starr Carter are strong and truly shine in your writing. I think you encapsulated her character very well. One suggestion I have is to make your title a little bit more engaging so that people are motivated to click on it. I was drawn to your article by your cover photo because it is a very good photo.

    • This is a very thought provoking essay. Your use of speaking through the fictional character was very refreshing. Who do you think your favorite fictional character is?

    • Breanna, you did a great job at encompassing a sense of hurt and professionalism in this essay from the perspective of Starr. When I watched the movie I couldn’t help but feel so distraught and upset about the death of Kahlil as well, so I believe that the feeling that you put into this writing is something that Star would also feel as she would have to make a statement in court. What ultimately drew me to this article was the picture and heading. You could almost feel the uneasiness from the girl in the photo and those goes hand in hand perfectly with the Mock Trial headline!

    • As your statement is a different individual who was at the trial, I was drawn to the post. You do an excellent job of painting a picture of the tragic night. I was easily able to imagine the scene as well as strong emotions Starr must have felt in Khalil’s final moments. You mention Khalil is not the first friend you have lost, have you lost other friends to this type of injustice?

    • Breanna, I really like how you put yourself into a first person perspective from the story. What makes you feel a connection to the character and yourself? I would like to see a longer statement to see if this can be stronger.

    • This is really good, I like how well you were able to not only put yourself into the character’s mindset but advocate like she would. This not only is realistic commentary for a trial but also is accurate to Starr’s character. If anything this makes me interested to see how the rest of the trial goes.



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