• This is an interesting take on this controversial idea. It is an issue that many people interact with and have their own opinions about, and you combining your opinion with several other people’s, allowed me to see many different sides of the issue. https://www.healthyplace.com has some more interesting statistics around this particular issue, and…[Read more]

  • The idea of gun control is one that has permeated modern politics a lot in elections for many years. Different groups on either side of the issue put money into elections for candidates that they believe will

    • In your second paragraph, you mention that the gun control issue is forcing candidates to essentially pick a side. You have good analyzation but it would help make your argument stronger if you were to add evidence to pair with your analysis. It’s an interesting topic and definitely plays a big role in politics today. The pro-gun control website (https://gun-control.procon.org/) helps to define gun control laws in an objective way, which can help to bring some insight to this. Reading your writing has reminded me to be aware that politics is complicated.

    • This article was very well written. I enjoyed how you addressed such an on occurring and controversial issue happening still today as well as something in the eye of the public leaving many conflicted. I think adding statistics and/or studies to this would help further provide information for each apposing side and give a further understanding as to why they feel that way. Also maybe if you added the effects of gun violence to those who have been victim through school shootings for example. With that slight change it would be easier for me as the reader as well as others reading, to understand each side and help further educate in making our own personal opinion. https://tcf.org/content/commentary/gun-violence-puts-education-under-fire-stifling-achievement/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiLbbu_Cl3gIVQmx-Ch1W7Q6REAAYAiAAEgJQnvD_BwE

      We Need Sensible Gun Legislation Now

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    This is a very interesting piece of writing Natalia. I don’t personally play or watch soccer, but I can definitely see the appeal. I like how you connect this story to the bigger idea of perseverance. I hope to read more of your writing.

  • This a really interesting piece of writing. Your ideas are really interesting, and your empathy shines through your writing. I have interacted with people that have disabilities at my school, and I always try to be as kind as possible. Your writing will allow me to have greater empathy for these people.

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    Thank you for your input Bella. I found your take on this issue to be very well-rounded and complete. I agree that the foundation of America is based on freedom. Would you say that freedom is something that is currently achievable for all?

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    Thank you for sharing Evelin. I completely agree with the idea that there are many false stereotypes that are running rampant in today’s political climate. I wonder what you have planned for your future, and how you plan to achieve your goals?

  • Thank you for sharing your story Natalie. It is really impressive how you have taken ahold of your life. I also want my own business. I wonder what kind of business you are interested in starting?

  • This is a very well written and meaningful peace of work. My parents also tell me to be thankful for what I have, as they grew up with very little, and they understand there are people who had even less than they did. The idea of equity in opportunity is an important idea as well, and the examples you used highlighted that. The autobiography “I am…[Read more]

  • I found it to be very good that you included both sides of this argument, which allows for the reader to learn your thoughts, but also obtain some of their own. It is such a tough argument to make, as it mainly comes down to personal opinion, but you did a good job to make it factual. I would just wonder slightly what your own view on this topic…[Read more]

  • I enjoyed your essay, and felt you used good resources

  • The issue of gun violence is one that has plagued the US for some time. Whether it be at schools, places of worship, or just a neighborhood convenience store, guns have found their way into places we generally

    • Your post is very well written. You addressed the issue very well and wrote a very informative essay around the issue of gun control. #gunsafety

    • This is a well written discussion on both sides concerning gun control and how guns are distributed in the United States. I do wonder however, what is your opinion on gun control and how should the states separately control guns?

    • While I disagree with literally everything you just said and most of it can be easily disputed, this post was at least well-written…

    • Hi Branigan,
      I agree with the topic at hand with gun control and the consequences with what could happen if we did not have it. Because of the increased gun violence happening in the United States, we need to take into account of what to do with the guns now that they have become so dangerous to the people in schools or other highly populated places. Additionally, if we had background checks that denied people of a gun, then I believe we would have a more controlled and better system of putting guns in the right hands of people who do not promote danger. Although the 2nd Amendment does provide us with the right to guns, we still have to make sure to have a way to have a safe environment across the US. What would you do for gun control if you had the choice?

    • Branigan,
      I agree with you on this topic. I know there are people out there getting defensive about the 2nd amendment, but what I think we need is gun control, not to get rid of the 2nd amendment completely. People have the right to use their guns, but I think it’s silly that for awhile now, they’ve been able to hand guns out carelessly when they don’t know what the purpose for the gun is. For example, Nikolas Cruz was given an AR and shot up Marjory Stoneman Douglass. There was no background check done, but if there had been, the shooting could have been prevented. According to an article on The Washington post, Cruz was developmentally delayed, had ADHD, and anger issues. He had emotional and behavioral problems and even commented on a post saying he would be a professional shooter. If there had been a background check, I believe the shooting could have been prevented. In conclusion, I think gun control is what we need, I don’t think we need to get rid of guns completely (due to the second amendment), but the gun violence has been taken too far. How do you feel about the topic? Do you think we need the control and background checks?

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