• This is a very interesting article. It’s something I’ve always thought about when I spend time on social media, and see posts like the ones you described. It is a very negative situation, and is very detrimental to allowing the people actually experiencing these types of things to obtain help. You can also possibly connect these ideas to what is…[Read more]

  • One of the areas scientists and parents are interested in regarding concussions, is youth sports. Extensive research has been done surrounding youth football, and the frequency at which concussions occur in this

    • Branigan, I didn’t realize there was so much danger in youth sports. You hear all the time about how concussions are so prominent in football but you wouldn’t think youth sports as much as in the NFL for example. And football isn’t the only sport with consistent injury. Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, etc are all very dangerous. Here’s a cool list of the top 10 most dangerous sports according to this article. https://www.thetoptens.com/most-dangerous-sports/ I would love to hear more about your topic.

    • This is a very relevant topic to all people and I think that it is important that people are educated on these things, especially parents. It is interesting to learn about other sports you wouldn’t really think causes a significant amount of concussions. I think it would be really interesting to compare your knowledge of hockey with the statistics of how many concussions affect players. I found this website that might help https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4262814/

  • Very interesting take on this article. This is a topic that is very interesting, as well as relevant in today’s society. This issue is something that we need to take into account when thinking about education, as it is important to give everyone the same access to educational resources, allowing them to better themselves.

  • Hitting and physical contact is what makes hockey such an intriguing sport to watch. Many viewers tune in just to watch the fights, and although these are not as frequent in recent years, the physicality is what

    • This is a very interesting topic. Hockey players have long been revered for their ability to physically dominate their opponents. Fans go crazy when massive hits ring through the rink. However, your point is very interesting. Although physical domination is celebrated, the worry over the rise in concussions has caused such hits and physical players to be reexamined. Although the concern is growing, there is not much being done. As you say, professional athletes get paid large sums of money. Therefore, current fines and bans do not have a huge effect on the players. https://www.thestar.com/sports/hockey/2017/04/23/study-on-former-nhl-players-and-concussions-yields-surprising-early-results.html Here is an article linking to stories about studies done on past hockey players and the damage they have sustained. If you find more information on what is being done, I will reread this article.

  • Thank you for your piece of writing Jovana. You have had such an interesting life, and it’s great to see how you have kept your passion for music throughout your life. I have played a sport my whole life, so it’s a similar sort of thing. I hope you succeed in a high school and in college!

  • Hey Sera,
    I found your post very interesting. I would just wonder how mental illness is effected by drug use, or if there is any correlation between drug usage in the homeless population and those who have mental illness. I just say this as many of the homeless I encounter seem to be dealing with a possible mixture of both of these things. This…[Read more]

  • Like other sports in the same situation, ownership in hockey has downplayed, if not completely rejected, many of the results from studies linking these conditions, such as CTE, to their sport. Gary Bettman, the

  • This is a great article interpretation Patricia. It is something I really didn’t know a whole lot about before, but this demonstrated a very clear, concise analysis of this problem, that was very easy to grasp. I completely agree with your take that schools should receive funding regardless of test scores, as that would allow teachers to focus on…[Read more]

  • Hey Anna,
    I really found your article to be very interesting. I know that personally, I find myself drawn to shows and information about serial killers, but I never really knew why. Many of these reasons that are things that I can definitely connect to. I would just wonder if there are any consequences to this new phenomenon, and if so, what can…[Read more]

  • Although it garners less media attention and scientific inquisition, hockey is well known to be one of the most dangerous sports. Concussions, one of the most prominent injuries in the sport, have caught the

    • I don’t know anything about hockey, and I definitely didn’t know how dangerous it can be. I would like to learn more about hockey and the risks that athletes are encountering every time they play the game.

    • Hockey is known for hard hitting and injuries. It makes sense that many athletes get concussions. Do you know how many hockey players have CTE? Is CTE more common in one age group than the others? I would like to hear more about this from you in the future.

    • Branigan,

      I think that this a very interesting topic. I have always associated head trauma with football and boxing, but not hockey. I enjoyed learning about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and I think that you did a really nice job summarizing it to make it easy to understand. I would be interested to learn more about anything that is being done to address the problem such as making changes to the helmets the players wear or even the rules of the game.

      Thank you for sharing this information, Branigan. I look forward to reading more about hockey and head injuries.


    • I think it’s good to draw attention to hockey as a sport that has some pretty serious injuries. As much as hockey is known as a pretty brutal contact sport, more attention is given to other sports. I would like to hear the rates at which common injuries occur in hockey compared to other sports.

    • In a sport that is known and heralded for its brutality, I think its great that you’re drawing attention to the unique brand of danger endemic to the sport. Look into the most common injuries specific to the sport. I’d be interested to know the rate of career ending injuries for professional hockey players compared with other sports.

    • Branigan, I think you make an interesting point that what most people know about hockey is that it’s an aggressive sport. Here is an article that I think you might find interesting https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/health/when-it-comes-to-brain-injuries-how-dangerous-is-youthhockey/article36595825/
      Thank you for sharing this artilce I am excited to see what you create in the future.

    • Branigan, hockey is most definitely a violent sport, similar to to football. It is not uncommon to end up with a concussion with the speed that the sport is played, the collisions, and the fights. I have never really associated hockey with CTE. I would love to hear more about this issue and what they do to resolve it.

    • Despite the sheer violent nature of hockey, I rarely hear about catastrophic injuries in the sport. There is a large emphasis around football and head injuries but little surrounding hockey. I am very interested to see a comparison between those two sports.

  • This segment occurs in the play Othello by Shakespeare, 3.3.168-178, and shows the main villain in the play, Iago, planning to manipulate the main character, Othello. For this portion, I tried to convey Iago’s

  • Thank you so much for your thoughts Fatumata! Your story is so interesting, and its amazing to see someone so proud of their religion and accomplishments. The piece about bullying at the end really stood out to me. Its something that everyone can connect to and learn from, which is really important. You hear so many examples of ignorance and…[Read more]

  • Thank you for your thoughts Jesus. Your essay takes on many important issues, and you manage to include a lot of ideas that help your argument. Its a very tough predicament that these people are in, and the answer is not always clear-cut. In my opinion a better definition of bullying would help to keep kids safe, and give more control to teachers…[Read more]

  • Throughout time, political polarization has been present in all forms of governments. It is not always a bad thing, as differing ideologies will lead to better, more complete solutions to conflicting problems.

  • Hey Abel, I really enjoyed reading your post. You made a lot of good points that I really hadn’t thought about before. It is interesting to see another point of view on an issue such as this. I would recommend taking a look at other countries around the world, and how they interact with education. Some may do it slightly better than others, and…[Read more]

  • Branigan commented on the post, Creativity 1 year, 7 months ago

    Hey Erik. I really enjoyed you ideas around this topic. I wouldn’t consider myself to be very creative, but it is something that I definitely need to work on. I hadn’t thought about a lot of the examples you brought up, and I definitely will think about those in the future. I hope to hear you again!

  • This is an interesting take on this controversial idea. It is an issue that many people interact with and have their own opinions about, and you combining your opinion with several other people’s, allowed me to see many different sides of the issue. https://www.healthyplace.com has some more interesting statistics around this particular issue, and…[Read more]

  • The idea of gun control is one that has permeated modern politics a lot in elections for many years. Different groups on either side of the issue put money into elections for candidates that they believe will

    • In your second paragraph, you mention that the gun control issue is forcing candidates to essentially pick a side. You have good analyzation but it would help make your argument stronger if you were to add evidence to pair with your analysis. It’s an interesting topic and definitely plays a big role in politics today. The pro-gun control website (https://gun-control.procon.org/) helps to define gun control laws in an objective way, which can help to bring some insight to this. Reading your writing has reminded me to be aware that politics is complicated.

    • This article was very well written. I enjoyed how you addressed such an on occurring and controversial issue happening still today as well as something in the eye of the public leaving many conflicted. I think adding statistics and/or studies to this would help further provide information for each apposing side and give a further understanding as to why they feel that way. Also maybe if you added the effects of gun violence to those who have been victim through school shootings for example. With that slight change it would be easier for me as the reader as well as others reading, to understand each side and help further educate in making our own personal opinion. https://tcf.org/content/commentary/gun-violence-puts-education-under-fire-stifling-achievement/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiLbbu_Cl3gIVQmx-Ch1W7Q6REAAYAiAAEgJQnvD_BwE

      We Need Sensible Gun Legislation Now

    • Branigan, you made several clear points in this article, and I’m glad that people are taking notice of this important issue. I like how you took the stance of both sides and showed very little bias over the course of your entire rhetoric. Here’s a link that might help you in your future research: https://www.nytimes.com/topic/subject/guns-and-gun-control

    • Branigan, this is a very interesting article. I appreciate how you mentioned both perspectives on the issue. You brought up an interesting point when you discussed how politicians now experience pressure to pick a side. I think that most voters expect candidates to speak up about this issue because of the expansive impact it has on our lives. I think you could go more in depth on the reasons why people do and do not support gun control. Here is an article that outlays some of the different interpretations of the Second Amendment that may help you do that. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/oct/05/second-amendment-right-to-bear-arms-meaning-history
      Overall, very nice job!

  • This is a very interesting piece of writing Natalia. I don’t personally play or watch soccer, but I can definitely see the appeal. I like how you connect this story to the bigger idea of perseverance. I hope to read more of your writing.

  • This a really interesting piece of writing. Your ideas are really interesting, and your empathy shines through your writing. I have interacted with people that have disabilities at my school, and I always try to be as kind as possible. Your writing will allow me to have greater empathy for these people.

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