• The morning of November 22, 1963 was one filled with excitement and patriotism in Dallas, Texas when President John F. Kennedy came to town. This positive mood, however, turned into an infamous moment to be

  • I am doing research on the assassination of JFK. The purpose of this research is to further understand how much of the word put out by the Warren Commission, the people that officially claimed that Lee Harvey

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    I would like to do my research project on the assassination of John F. Kennedy and whether or not it really was one shooter or if something was hidden. I do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist, but as I have

  • Sam, this is a great topic due to its lack of information known because it leads to speculation and discussion more than topics that have all sorts of statistics to explain them. This is something I wonder about often as well. If there is an end to the universe, then what is beyond it? I have always thought there were just other dimensions but…[Read more]

  • Kevin, this is a very interesting topic. I think this industry is one that deserves to be looked at because gaming and sports are so different since sports rely heavily on natural talent while skills with video games are something that can only acquired through playing a lot, along with maybe some natural intelligence and strategic skills. I also…[Read more]

  • Nishan, great post and well formatted writing. I can tell that you thought a lot about the subject and your opinion carries a lot of valid points. I think a major thing to consider is the rest of the NCAA. I understand that your argument is only for college basketball players, but I feel that it also must be mentioned that if basketball players…[Read more]

  • College athletes are some of the busiest people in the country, especially for their age. They must spend hours per day working at their sport and getting better at it while maintaining academic success. This

    • Nice work, Colin. I really liked your stance about paying athletes in the NCAA, and I agree with your point. They already are offered a scholarship to play, and they use a lot of time for their sport. Just like them, students who work in labs or in other places also spend as much time working or researching, and many of them aren’t offered a scholarship. However, I think that the university or NCAA should pay for medical treatment and other costs because the athlete played for the university’s name but was injured, ruining the chances of going pro or other ways to earn a salary in the future. What is your stance on the medical treatment?

    • I think it would be so hard for college players to get paid because then we will have some many questions. Like does everyone get paid the same? Does different sports get paid the same? Paying the athletes will probably have some programs shut down because they couldn’t afford it. LIke D2 or D3 programs that are barely getting by right now. I think we have along time until this conversation get really serious.

  • Brooklyn, I agree that this is a very important topic and it is increasing in how common it is in our society today. I do think that more emphasis needs to be put on rehab, but it seems that all the rehab programs you presented are aimed towards keeping children off the drugs. I think more of it could be aimed for adults or teens that have already…[Read more]

  • PJ, I am a firm believer that you are molded by the people you are around and that is fully determined by the communities you are involved in. This is important because the people you are around are the personalities you will develop with and will in turn affect your own personality and values as a person. People tend to mold like the people they…[Read more]

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    My favorite word in the English language is the word set. I understand that it is not a long or intriguing word and you’re probably wondering why out of all 171,476 of the words in the English language I chose o

    • I am very content about your post ” Define Your Life” because it is important to think about things in life that are very little but also have so much meaning to it. I realize that the word set is an intricate word and it relates to how things in life could have a big impact. This writing piece inspires me to be more open to the things in life that are more important than materialistic things.

    • Dear Colin,
      I am inspired by what you have written here. This is because of the way you took something so simple, but then explained it to be something so complex and meaningful. I have now come to realize that a small word can be very important in explaining many situations and situations that have many outcomes.

    • The way you connected the meaning behind the word you chose was brilliant, and I never realized how many different meanings there were for one seemingly unimportant word. How did you decide on the word set though? It is such a random choice but I really like what you did with it.

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