• Defining what it means to be American is different for everyone, especially for Will McAvoy from “The Newsroom.” Most people would say that America is the greatest country, but Will disagrees. He says, “207

  • Dear justin:

    I am excited by your post , “Endangered species in China ,” because I too care about this topic. I agree that it should be brought to attention and now.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ This would show how much the Chinese government is actually clamping down on these criminals and whether all those bills…[Read more]

  • The world is full of endangered species. People around the globe are taking action to decrease the rate of our beloved species that are disappearing before our eyes. Even though so much attention is being

    • Hello Branden
      Thank you for your post I think you bring a lot of important topics and points that people need to take note of. especially in countries outside of the U.S we might not care to look in further on a topic because of that, but if we don’t learn from others than we can’t grow without making those life changing mistakes. An article from new York times talks about the mix signals china has made with their stance on protecting animals, https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/27/magazine/chinas-mixed-messages-on-the-global-trade-in-endangered-animal-parts.html I think that leaders need to focus in on this and make sure there is a consensus that letting these animal go extinct with result in a much bigger cost than to sell them will make.

    • Braden,

      I enjoyed reading your post because I am currently interested in climate change and endangered species. Especially when you summarize an article that exposes the problem of legal markets by saying “Through this article I’ve learned that it’s not the black market that is the whole problem, it’s also the regular trade market. Its legal to trade these animal parts of these endangered species. Therefore, China is encouraging the killing of these species. This policy opened up the gates for illegal trade completely,” it made me realize that there are a lot of governmental policies that the voters are not aware of. This case specifically emphasizes the need for voter education so that voters can vote for policies that conserve our planet rather than make illegal things legal.
      You might be interested in reading this article
      because it makes us look back at our own policies on endangered species in the United States.
      I hope to keep reading articles from you and would love to stay in touch.

      Ellie Han

    • Hi Branden! This is an awesome post and something that we often don’t think of in our day to day lives. The lives of animals, especially endangered species are so important to education, history, and the preservation of our environment. I just finished an Oceanography class at my high school and we actually talked a lot about the illegal shark finning market in Asian countries, especially china. Most of the animals being hunted and killed are for medicinal purposes; with the shark fins they are usually made into a soup that was once eaten by royalty. A documentary that you should watch that made a huge impact on me was “Shark water Extinction” and the dangers of the finning industry. Animals are so important and i think it’s very important that you are raising awareness. Your writing was very well written and used appropriate sources of information. GOOD JOB!

    • Dear Braden

      I am very excited by your post “Endangered Species In China,” because I feel like many of your ideas about how endangered species in China line up very closely with mine and I feel that in the future your work will get even better and better. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Through this article I’ve learned that it’s not the black market that is the whole problem, it’s also the regular trade market” I think this is very important because many people think that all of China’s endangered wildlife trade is underground and hidden from plain sight, however much of it is actually not considered illegal and can be seen in public. Another sentence that I enjoyed was: “ I believe that if enough attention is brought to this problem, it would bring people from around the world to stop the Trade of endangered species.” This stood out for me because I feel like this is the best way to solve this type of problem and earlier cases of people just bring attention to a problem and people realizing and fixing it have happened before like with the shark fin soup social ban/reform.Have you seen this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud_jKdI68eI I thought you might be interested in this because it shows how China did put in a lot of effort to preserve animals like the Giant Panda, kinda like how you wrote about in your post.Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you seem to genuinely care about this topic and want to spread all the information you know on to others to bring forth change. That is something I wish I will be able to do in the future and along with seeing how far you’ll go down in the rabbit hole of information in this cruel, but fascinating topic.

    • Thank you for sharing the article Asher, I never knew there was a trade this big toward exotic animals. This is very sad to see, I really wish more can be done so this can be limited

    • i hope for change in the future in order to help the many endangered species around the world.

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