• What value do all Americans share?

                  The value that all Americans share is Liberty. Although Americans from different walks of life may favor certain kinds of liberty or ways to attain them, they a

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  • Hola Samantha, como estas? Soy aidan y estoy de michigan en los estados unidos. Hables ingles? He aprendido un poco espanol en mi escuela. me disfrutaba su poema, fue informativo sobre su vida. Fue una poema muy bonita.
    Yo tengo un perro tambien, el es blanco pequeno y muy lindo! Como es tu escuela? Que quieres llegar a ser ?

  • I agree with your assessment of american values. All of these values were need for the founding. All of your sources showing how these are deeply american values were great. I love your freedom evidence because religious freedom is important to me and being an american to me means liberty and doing what you want to make you happy. What do you…[Read more]

  • The most essential american values are liberty and justice. Without a fair justice system, people will not be held accountable for their actions which is unfair and breeds resentment.  Liberty is also the most

    • Hi Aidan,
      I thought that this was a very well thought up piece and I love your 2 paragraphs, one explaining the rights and then the strong evidence supporting your claim. I have noticed that you have a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. I don’t know if this is due to rushing the project or not noticing but next time you should run a quick spell check. This was a really well written piece and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I agree with your claim.

    • I concur with the fact that justice is the most fair state to be in but I think that could have been better worded. I like how well you reasoned your point but I was a little disappointed you did not directly quote you sources but rather summarized them. You also did very well on citing your sources and I would like to learn how you did that so well.

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