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    Hi, my name is Riley and I go to a private catholic high school in Utah. I totally agree with you on this topic. with some similarities, I can firmly say that things need to be changed when it comes to education. This will be fixed. Have you thought about contacting the mayor or governor in your area about this and how they can possibly help?…[Read more]

  • Hello Yanna, I have never really thought why sometimes I stay up so late. I like how you have taken this topic and created a better one with it I totally agree with you on this. I left a link below for you to look at if you wish.


  • I’m sure you all know of everything that is happening in the world. I’m sure a lot of people are talking about it but at the same time it’s a good thing to be talking about so that you are aware of what’s

  • Johnny, Good work with this article I agree with you that Zoo’s are having issues. Here is an article that maybe could help you out with your issues with the zoos.

    Zoos: Pitiful Prisons

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    Vasha, I really like the idea of getting to know these sanctuaries better but I’m sure there are many ways to do this I really like how you pulled this together good job.

  • The main question that is being asked is should Transgender athletes be able to participate in sports even if they say that they are transgender? Many people are not agreeing with this because of the fact that

    • Hey Riley I loved this article! In the first sentence it quotes, “The main question that is being asked is should Transgender athletes be able to participate in sports even if they say that they are transgender?”. I think that the fact that they are transgender, it does not mean they can’t participate in sports just because of their gender. I do think if they had a very bad medical condition that they shouldn’t participate in sports. Why do you ask this? Because medical condition and gender are two different things, and only one affects how they play or participate in the specific sport they play.

    • Dear Riley, i think that your writing was amazing. one thing that you said that stands out to me is ” the main question being asked is being transgender athletes be able to participate in sports even if they say that they are transgender.” i really think that if someone is transgender they should be able to do sports that they want to and shouldn’t be not allowed to not do something just because they are transgender. I’m sure that` there are times where they shouldn’t play for reasons.

  • The daily battles that people in Utah fight with how poor their air quality is. Many people that live in Utah are affected by this horrible air in the valleys of Utah. Many of these people are trying to get

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      Hi Riley,
      I agree that the population increase has played a big role in the bad air. I also agree that these lung diseases need to be stoppes. Bad air in Utah is everywhere and we need to get rid of it. There are some tips in the link below on how to help fix this bad air.
      Jack Terrill

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    Mareily, I agree with you on this topic and I realize that most people have no clue that when they are doing this that it has such a big impact on other people’s lives. At the bottom is a link that could help you out with this.

    Have a nice day,
    Riley Bouillon…[Read more]

  • Hello Charlie, I think that plane safety is becoming better and better. The reason I say this is because my older brother works for Boeing and I contacted him about this issue. He recommends that you try and contact some of the people at Boeing and see what all they are doing to fix these problems. good luck if you proceed with doing this you may…[Read more]

  • People and their drones in the past few years there have been more threats and more than the less related things bout Drones in the United States. They are proceeding to say that if these go any further they will

  • Good job Cam, I think that this is a great message to get out to the people. think that people don’t get the full idea of what they actually do to our oceans.

  • I like what you have done here, I think that you should bring this up to other political figures to see their opinions about this in your state.

  • Why do people think that the teams or athletes should be out during the national anthem? I think that this is an ongoing problem with professional sports and even just sports in general.  Why do people think

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