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  • Liv, I really enjoyed this because this is something that is relevant in our lives as women. I agree that we need to start being paid the same as men because it is only fair. We work just as hard or even harder and we still aren’t recognized for our duties. Here is an article that I found about the wage gap:…Read More

  • Chimson, I really enjoyed reading this. I definitely agree that everyone should have the same rights regardless of their race or if they are part of the LGBT community. Everyone should feel equal in this world. We are in 2018 and still trying to figure out if we belong. We have a lot of work to do to succeed in this world and we need to continue…Read More

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    Abigail, this poem is amazing. It shows great imagery and describes everything out in the world. I like this poem a lot and it creates a lot of images that I see where I live. Hope to see more poems in the future.

  • Catherine, I really enjoyed reading your post. I thought it was very intriguing because the media often does not tell the truth to their audience. They put false information out there and no one really knows what is the truth because there are so many lies out there. Honestly, I have a fear of sharks due to the movies and information I have…Read More

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    There is a big debate about girls and their school uniforms whether or not girls wear their uniforms appropriately during school. There have been multiple cases about girls who have stood up for what they think is

    Girl School Uniforms

    There is a big debate about girls and their school uniforms whether or not girls wear their uniforms appropriately during school. There have been multiple cases about girls who have stood up for what they think is right when...

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    • Hi Brooklyn, I am interested in your research topic. In my opinion, students should wear school uniform but schools should not be too strict about uniform. Students should be able to use their imagination to make some proper changes about the uniform so that everyone is unique and students will enjoy wearing them. However, teenagers make poor choices and teenagers can’t control themselves.
      Here is useful link:

    • Brooklyn, this is an interesting subject. At Judge, the girls and boys wear the same uniform (different models for gender but still same idea), so there is no gender enforced uniform for those who don’t identify with a gender, however I have personally seen boys wearing shorts so short that if girls were to wear them, they would definitely be dress coded. There is also a big issue with the cheerleaders not being allowed to wear spanx in front of the football players because they get “too distracted”. It would be interesting to hear your personal experience with the Judge uniform. I look forwards to it.

    • Brooklyn,
      The stories you found are very compelling and I think it reflects what the problems with uniform really are. I think it’s important that the girls aren’t distracted from learning by having to put so much time into considering something so minimal. I think you would be interested in researching the prom dress codes schools enforce too ( The reach has gone too far in my opinion, but I am curious to see where you go with it.

    • Brooklyn,
      thank you for sharing about this topic. I believe that it is a big issue, especially at judge. We should not have to cover ourselves up so that thew boys can focus on their schooling and academics. It is somewhat of an injustice, and I am not okay with it.
      Check out this article, I think you will enjoy it.

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    • Hi Brooklyn, great post? When talking about “why” girls are being accused, you should give some more points on “how” they are being accused of breaking code. I along with other students have seen this happen to many people during the school year, but in some cases what actions that the school did were necessary; as a private institution we sign a form where we agree to follow school conduct, I believe we should just properly follow there rules. I do agree in the opinion that we should have seasonal dress codes though, students should be able to dress more “freely” but at the same time properly-when writing about your topic, try to create more of a 2-sided argument.
      You can read or “wonderful” principal statement about “lead with their hearts along with their minds”

    • Hi Brooklyn! I enjoyed reading your post and could relate to the restrictions of the dress code. When I was in middle school the administration set a dress code that restricted girls from wearing leggings. When students asked why they did this, their answer was always that it was a distraction to the boys. Yes this is an easy way to get rid of this issue, but is it the best and most fair way to go about it? I don’t believe so.

    • Brooklyn, I find this topic very relatable, especially at our school. It seems that it is only girls who get in trouble with violating the school dress code or the school uniform. I believe that uniforms are a great thing, but they need to be more accommodating for girls. Obviously boys and girls wear different things and schools need to be accepting and accommodating of that. Here is an article that you may like:

    • Hey Brooklyn, as I am sure you can see, your post is one many have a feelings about. At my school boys and girls where the same exact uniform. The issue I have with it is the fact that girls can be written up on more things than boys, including our bra color. I think this is ridiculous and a far bigger issue than ‘distractions’. There’s nothing punitive there.

    • Hey, Brooklyn. I really like what you are saying here, and totally agree with it especially in the context of our school. The restrictions are very well laid out, but many of them are ridiculous and obviously directed at the girls. If guys break the same rules, such as rolling shorts and shirts, there are rarely consequences whereas girls always get in trouble for it. Here is an interesting article by CNN about this topic: I’ll look forward to your next post.

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