• Dear Future President,

    Think about you and your family. How would you feel if your kids had to struggle to get the money needed for college tuition, or simply just gave up and didn’t want to go anymore b

    • Dear Bless,
      I am happy about your post “College” because I agree with your argument. I agree with your argument because I to believe that college should be for everyone no matter where they live. One sentence that stood out to me is, ” College tuition should be based off of people’s income not where they live or the college they want to attend.” I think this is good because people should be able to go to college and get their bachelor degree.

    • Dear bless, the president wouldn’t have to worry about there kids tuition. he’ll prolly just hire a professor to go to the white house and educate them. i enjoyed your piece… keep it up though…

  • To me this goes way passed football, it’s bigger than that. Many feel as if they shouldn’t stand up and show pride to a country that oppresses blacks and people of color. For many people to see a national figure

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