• Hey Emma!
    This piece was so well-written. I think everybody can relate to a time of self-doubt and low confidence. Although I never kept journals, I can easily remember those times and the insecurities. I think all middle schoolers could benefit from reading this and to realize that you will grow into yourself and learn to love yourself, and that…[Read more]

  • Beth commented on the post, Venomous Water 1 month ago

    Hi Jayln! I had never even heard of the Flint Water Crisis. This is an urgent issue. I can’t believe how this is so serious (thousands of people without normal water) but barely talked about anymore. Thank you for bringing awareness to this major problem, and I hope you continue fighting for this cause because it’s extremely important. Check out…[Read more]

  • Beth commented on the post, Beauty that Matters 1 month ago

    This is a beautiful post. I love how engaging and positive it is. I think everyone can relate with being self-conscious about one thing or another. It’s not always easy to accept yourself, imperfections and all, and I admire how overcoming that major obstacles in your life led you to realize your beauty. Turned lemons into lemonade! I look…[Read more]

  • The word “predator” is often associated with negative images, such as a big, bad animal attacking an adorable, tiny animal of prey. We may think of massive sharks, lions, tigers, or bears, who are usually des

    • Anna replied 1 month ago

      Beth, I was really happy to see your post. Lots of people are concerned about Bambi being dinner then how the whole ecosystem benefits. I went on search for an opposing view, and PETA did not let me down. https://www.peta.org/about-peta/why-peta/predator-reintroduction-programs/ is where they make a few good points. It’s stressful for animals to be captured, contained, and then let loose in an unfamiliar environment. They make a few not so great points about how prey animals are stressed because they are being hunted and leave it there, not exploring the greater benefit. If you ever run out of articles to write, you can do a sort of response to PETA. It’d be cool to see.

  • Hi Carter! I found your post very informative. I was unaware that the bigger problem of caffeinated beverages is the sugar, not the caffeine. I found these statements shocking: “Some Starbucks coffees contain up to 40 grams of sugar, and each can of soda you drink is packed with about 39 grams on average. That alone is your suggested daily amount…[Read more]

  • Hi Isa!
    I find your topic very interesting. It’s definitely something to wonder about, if animals can feel deep and complex emotions or just simple ones, and maybe even which animals are better at perceiving human emotion than others. My favorite quote was, “The four dimensions of canine personality: sociability, affection, emotional stability…[Read more]

  • Darrtell, I think this is a great topic! Our oceans are being contaminated with human waste, and this is extremely harmful to the marine life. I find this unacceptable, and I agree that we need to make a change. I found these two articles: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/environment/great-pacific-garbage-patch-is-destroying-the-oceans/ and…[Read more]

  • Jerome, I was very intrigued by this topic because I have never heard this argument before. Personally, I’ve always felt that injured players will always be treated with the best care possible despite of their race, religion, or gender. However, I cannot speak for athletes all around the country. Do you think injury discrimination happens in all…[Read more]

  • I think this is a great topic. I often see posts saying “Why didn’t we learn this in school?” or “History books never taught us this” in reference to a minority in history. Many people don’t even realize they are missing out on so much of our world’s and country’s history because what we learn in school does not cover it all. It seems as though…[Read more]

  • Eduardo,
    I was intrigued by your post because your personal take on the issue drew me in. You told us what it’s like to be an immigrant, what it’s like to feel judged for your differences. I agree that immigration is not something to fear. My favorite part of your discussion was the conclusion: ” Something I would tell the leaders of America is…[Read more]

  • Trey,
    This was a great topic. It’s crazy how we all differ in what motivates us and in what we are motivated to learn about. Not only does this impact us in school, but it impacts our futures, too. I completely agree with you that we are motivated to do better in something we are interested in. People always say “follow your passions” because we…[Read more]

  • How would I be if I had different siblings?

    I know that siblings shape a person. Whether you are an only child, have one older sibling, three younger siblings, or are the middle child of five, the effects of

    • Dear Beth
      I agree with what your saying with sibling “one of the most profound effects siblings have on you is that area of conflict resolution skills, that area of relationship formation and maintenance.” Me and my 2 brothers and 1 sister are always fighting but we always love each other by the end of the day having siblings can ether make a family or break it.

      Arthadius Snaders

    • Hi Beth!! I have two younger siblings and am the oldest child and I found many connections between this article and my life. My younger sister id definitely the most adventurous of our family, but she also strives to be like me. It is quite possible I have never related to something more than the quote, “Children born second have the advantage of calmer, more experienced parents” because as the oldest child, I feel there is so much my parents don’t know. I thinl you would enjoy this article, https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-94-010-0618-7_3, about birth order affecting sibling competition. I look forward to what you write next because your writing is very good!

    • Hi Beth,
      I have three siblings and I think all of the points you made in your post are very applicable to my own life. As a middle child I think I can strongly identify with the “stereotypical” characteristics of a middle child. I think the quote “middle children often get the reputation of being left out… however, they benefit from the experience of having an older and a younger sibling and learning how to deal with peers of all age ranges through the differences of their siblings,” is very true. I think it is very interesting how our birth orders affect our personalities, and I really enjoy reading about it. I think if you were to expand on this topic you should research how being a twin or triplet impacts ones personality. Maybe even expand more on how being an only child impacts ones personality.
      Great Job!!!

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