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  • Just the thought of keeping animals in a small cage is just depressing.I think you really brought out a new perspective in circus…. the dark side of it. When people go to these events they never consider about the animals living conditions all people care about is the tricks. I think that we need to spread more awareness.

  • Seth, Mason, Addle you all have great thinking that made me rethink my opinion and look at my own writing from a different perspective.

  • Wow I’m impressed, your even on the home page

  • Dear Next President of the United States:

    I want to just say thanks for all the things that you’ve done for our country, and for all the things you’ve done to keeps us safe. I want to bring up a few flaws in

    • Social media is a huge platform for civil-terrorism. Millions of threats over these platforms come in everyday. I think that we as Americans need to stop always looking over our shoulder at these threats; especially those as small as the clowns. Yes, they are scary and they have been scaring people all over the country, but at the end of the day, its a sick joke and worrying about it at a Presidential scale would be pointless. With that said, Poverty is a huge issue in this country, and causes a lot of problems including malnourishment of children and unequal opportunities for millions of Americans.

    • What a thoughtful post! I agree that the clown epidemic is concerning but I don’t think there is much we can do about it aside from punishing those few that are caught. I don’t think the President should get involved with stopping the clowns but I do think that responsibility on social media should be addressed at schools. To touch on your point about abolishing money, I think you kinda described how currency works, unless I am misinterpreting your argument. It seems like you described a system where you work and in return you get a reward that can be traded for other services and more “desirable” jobs would get a larger reward. That seems like a currency system but correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Your ideas on correcting poverty is interesting because it does not appear that your new monetary system would relieve poverty but instead add fuel to the flames. I do not believe, as you do, that money is what needs to be ‘fixed’ in order to create a poverty free world. In my opinion education is what greatly affects poverty and while there is a correlation between money and education a free public college education system would be a step in the right direction.

    • Seth, Mason, Addle you all have great thinking that made me rethink my opinion and look at my own writing from a different perspective.

    • I agree that clowns are terrifying and all but maybe instead of clowns being your main focus you should concentrate on social media and its effects on society and how that relates to the next president. I also think you should focus on one argument instead of many then support it with more evidence and examples.

    • Hi Benny,
      I understand how you feel about people posting scary videos on social media. Personally it’s terrifying, I hate how people are just doing it for views. Social media should not be used Like this! People have been getting many threats and it’s not a joke anymore it isn’t very nice. Anyways This A good topic to write about, Keep Posting!


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      Very insightful. I’m glad the whole clown epidemic has stopped by now. Like Seth, your system sounds a lot like the currency system we have in place today. A brain surgeon does make more than a fast food restaurant employee. Yes, poverty is a problem that does need fixing, but maybe in a different way.

  • Wow what any interesting thing to think about!

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