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    Dear Fatima,

    I am impressed by your post ” Stop Bullying” because bullying is something wrong to do people may not realize it but I believe it’s something extremely bad because it could affect someone’s mental health. it can be a bad lead for someone that’s can cause their life and future to be impacted. Leaving stress, anxiety, and depression…Read More

  • Dear viridian

    I am impressed by your post ” should voting be easy” because I agree with you I believe that’s a great idea, especially for those teenagers that want to vote and not only teenagers but as well the elderly. since voting is already a big major step to do I believe that they should make it as easy as possible so people can be sure…Read More

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    Should schools punish off-campus cyberbullying?

    In the article "Should schools punish off-campus cyberbullying" (Upfront, PATCHIN, 2017 PDF) I learned that 53 percent of voters voted no to schools not being able to control cyberbullying off campus. while on the other hand there is 47...

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    • I am intrigued by your post, “The Five W’s of cyberbullying” because I believe that whether you’re on school grounds or not, students should be punished either way as it can cause harm to the individual.  The first amendment does not protect anyone who disturbs persons learning environment.  Many argue that it’s a violation of their right to privacy, but I disagree with that because schools should be able to check on students’ privacy to make sure every student is safe from bullying and threats made by someone.

      One thing that you said that stood out to me was, “ I believe that a school should be able to punish students for off-campus cyberbullying since there could be side effects to someone’s mental health if you are being bullied.”  I strongly agree with this because it is the schools’ job to protect students from cyberbullying and have a safe learning environment for them.

      This is a very important topic to talk about because it really has negative impacts on those who are victims of this.

    • hey Blanca, I am very interested in your point of view in this argument about why “Should schools punish off-campus cyberbullying?” I liked how supported your statement with some evidence from a source and I do in fact agree 100% with you, Blanca… I also think what is happening is that through the years cyberbullying has become such a big strong issue impacting students and may impact their learning ability since they have too many problems going on that’s why there are people voting either yes or no to schools taking power to someone that’s cyberbullying off campus .just image students feeling broken and going for help and there school not being able to do something would make them think that the school system isn’t creating a safe and peaceful environment for those students that are being victims of cyberbullying.

    • Dear Blanca,

      I am very interested in your post, “Should Schools Punish off-campus cyberbullying?” because it doesn’t matter if many say, “schools shouldn’t get into these arguments” because when cyberbullying gets to the point of messing with someone’s mental health, something should be done by the school, whether it’s their situation or not. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is, “You may experience stress, depression, anxiety, and even loss of confidence as well as low self-esteem due to the fact of being bullied.” To me, this was one that stood out the most, it’s agreeable because these are the effects of what cyberbullying can do on a person. No student, teacher, or even parent should go through online harassment. Cyberbullying creates more damage in a person than we can imagine. Many will try backing that up with their first amendment which is freedom of speech, but they don’t realize how immature that is. Causing mental problems to another individual is unjustifiable. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I like the way you explained what you believe in. Schools should definitely punish off-campus cyberbullying.


    • Dear Blanca,

      I am interested in your post, “ “Should Schools Punish off-campus cyberbullying?” because cyberbullying is big on and off campus. It’s sad to hear that kids have lower self-esteem because of bullying. Schools should help on campus so they are more welcome as well.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “cyberbullying has become such a big strong issue impacting students and may impact their learning ability since they have too many problems” I think this is interesting as well because schools should help students with cyberbullying, on and off campus so they put in more effort in school. Schools should take the extra step because 47 percent of people voted yes to help students.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because this topic was very interesting because you explain it so well. This is also very important to help kids who can’t focus in school. I believe that schools should stop cyberbullying off campus as well.


    • Querida Blanca,
      Me interesa su publicación, “  ¿Deberían las escuelas castigar el ciberacoso fuera del campus?” porque el ciberacoso es muy común dentro y fuera del campus. Es triste saber que los niños tienen una autoestima más baja debido al acoso. Las escuelas deberían ayudar en el campus para que también sean más bienvenidos.
      Una frase que escribiste y que se destaca para mí es ” el acoso cibernético se ha convertido en un problema muy importante que afecta a los estudiantes y puede afectar su capacidad de aprendizaje ya que tienen demasiados problemas”. Creo que esto también es interesante porque las escuelas deberían ayudar a los estudiantes con el acoso cibernético, en y fuera del campus para que se esfuercen más en la escuela. Las escuelas deberían dar un paso más porque el 47 por ciento de la gente votó sí para ayudar a los estudiantes.

      Yennifer Garcia

    • Dear Blanca,
      I agree with what you are saying because bullying is something that shouldn´t be held as something ¨normal¨. If a student is getting bullied it can make them feel some type of way esspecally if they have so much going on for them. School should be something that is safe for students to step foot in. I wonder if bullying with ever be taken more seriously.

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    Is america ready for electric cars

    In the article "is America ready for electric cars "( upfront, SMITKA,2021)I learned that 512 voters voted yes to America being ready for electric cars which is about 53% out of 100%. they vote yes because electric cars are...

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    • Dear Blanca
      I am excited for electric cars. I think electric cars will be a good idea because it would be good for the environment. I am also excited that they will still be fast.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “They vote yes because electric cars are more friendly to the environment and they are also even cheaper to maintain.” I think this is smart because it’s clean for the environment. I also like it because they are more reliable.

      Thanks for your writing I look forward to see what you do next. I liked it because it was quick and simple and very easy to understand.


  • Dear, Geraldine

    I am strongly impressed by your article “should community college be free” because I agree with you stating that community college can be expensive for some people and those people struggle to pay their needs. Since a community college is just about 2 years long I believe it should be as expensive as where students can find a…Read More

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