• In the Gospel of John, Jesus proclaims to his followers and disciples that “If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first” (John 15:18, NLT). This statement is becoming more significant, especially in

    • I think that this is an interesting point of view. You use a lot of great sources to back up your arguments and you point out a big problem that doesn’t get a lot of attention, except when it comes to big terrorist groups such as ISIS. However, I think we also need to discuss the oppression of other religions. Christianity is the biggest religion in the world. If we look specifically to the United States and the rhetoric that is pretty normal right now muslims are blamed for all the problems in our country. If we look to Nazi Germany Jewish people were blamed for their problems. Although we never point it out, all of the large genocides and wars we fight are in the name of religion- usually Christianity. Perhaps a conversation about religion in general and oppression on different groups of people. Why is a certain religious background or none at all used to look down upon other people? From what I can see the common denominator is religion. Looking to most oppressions, we only see and talk about the ones that happen on a massive scale, such as genocide, so it’s interesting that you pointed out this problem. Very intriguing and thought provoking, nice post.

    • Dear Blake

      I am interested in your post because you did list some very important facts from these sources. This has become a very important issue in our world today, not just back then when Hitler was alive. For example, when ISIS attacked Paris, it was sad to hear that many families and lives were taken, so I see how your post can benefit almost everyone.

    • You use a lot of great sources to back up your arguments and you point out a big problem that doesn’t get a lot of attention, except when it comes to big terrorist groups such as ISIS. However, I think we also need to discuss the oppression of other religions. Christianity is the biggest religion in the world.

  • I am hoping you will use your own football experiences to show that football is not as dangerous as many people think and that people are continuously trying to make football more safe.

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    I agree, I think those who are mentally challenged should not own firearms. I also think there should be background checks for the sales of bullets, but I also realize that if we take the firearms form the people, crime rates will increase by a lot like they did during the Assault Weapons Ban Act. I feel the gun violence has been prioritized by…[Read more]

  • I think the main argument for funding space travel is for the minerals that could be gained from other planets and the resources that have not been touched yet. Those that do not want to fund space travel are not saying that it wouldn’t be helpful, but that we have more important issues that the tax payers money could go to.

  • In my expository writing class,  we were told to start a research project on a topic we really care about and want to know more of. I have decided to write about the increased persecution of the Christian church

    • I can relate to this as I’ve grown up in a neighborhood that isn’t exactly kind to my faith. Although I never went through extremes, I was excluded from things as a kid and never was a part of neighborhood activities growing up. Being proud of your faith isnt easy, especially when it goes against the majority.

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      It’s not quite true that there are “many places” in which Christians are persecuted. In fact, Christians are persecuted less frequently than any religion on Earth.

    • Tommy replied 3 years ago

      Hi Blake! If you could leave some definite examples of christian persecution, that would be great. Also, you could compare christian persecution to persecutions of Jews and Muslims. You should also show how much persecution has increased, as you claim it in the title, and sadly, provide only a nice allegory to back it up.

    • I think this piece is a good stepping stone, however I think it would benefit for more specific examples i.e specific places where Christian executions are demonstrated. While I understand this concern, and share it as well as your faith, I think this piece just needs a little bit more support. Also comparison with other persecutions from other religions could support this, and maybe describe why else they are getting persecuted other than just having faith in Jesus Christ, like openly worshiping.

    • Addie replied 3 years ago

      Specific examples of this persecution should be included in the future but I do think that being a religious person in any religion can sometimes be dangerous. I think it is most important to remain open minded on all fronts so that humans do face any kind of persecution for any reason in the future.

    • Religious persecution is a serious problem. It needs to be addressed more formally and taken seriously. It is hard to be open about my faith at many times and I wish it wasn’t always this way.

    • Jack replied 3 years ago

      You would think that since we are a Christian dominated nation we would hear about this issue more on the media, it is interesting that we don’t. I would give more specific examples to prove your point, but good thesis.

    • Ryan replied 3 years ago

      Hey Blake,
      I enjoyed reading your post. I havnt heard much a about this topic, but I have heard some. I think your topic is really important. Have you found some specific examples to use? I can tell this topic is really important to you and I can’t wait to see your final piece!
      Good work!

    • Lily replied 3 years ago

      Blake, I like your idea. However, maybe instead of focusing solely on how your own religion is persecuted, perhaps you could also include how your religion persecutes others? I feel that religious pressures on different faiths is prevelant in all sectors. If you talked about both sides, and perhaps proposed a solution to both issues, your paper will have a stronger holding in that it loses a lot of its bias and becomes more neutral and can be applied to many things. Nice idea though!

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    When we think of doing what is right, what do we think of? Many of us will think of examples not speeding while you drive or being honest about your taxes, even fighting the urge to steal. But, what about those

  • I think that people are afraid of frailer. They see themselves as less than perfect and they are always trying to be perfect. When they see that they are not perfect, then they are afraid of themselves and they believe that they are the problem.

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    The UN can pass its own regulations, but to the countries in the middle east that are supporting the terrorism acts that are being done all over the world, the UN can not really do much. Contrary to what we are tonight in elementary school, just telling a bully to “please stop” will not work. We need to physically force ISIS to give up this Jihad…[Read more]

  • Voter fraud is a real thing and I think using a drivers licence as ID would be great because then all people would get one vote and would be regulated to stop cheaters. This would not be expensive for voters and poorer people could still get it.

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    One of the fact about the “wage gap” that people do not like to bring up is the amount of men and women in dangerous jobs. Men make up more of the worker in these jobs, not because they are sexist jobs, but because women generally don’t apply for these kinds of jobs and generally prefer safer jobs. Due to the dangerous nature of these jobs, these…[Read more]

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    The reason the abortion should be illegal is not because of religious beliefs, but because it is murder. If a pregnant woman is killed, it is a double homicide because the baby would die as well. But once a woman thinks of her own comfort over the life of her child, we are just okay with her killing it. I am all for women’s rights, that is why i…[Read more]

  • The argument with the bathrooms is not that “allowing people to use the bathroom of their choice, perverts will suddenly start entering bathrooms,” but it is that allowing anyone to used any bathroom will allow perverts to sexually assault women easier by just saying “I feel like a female today.” I know that the signs on a walls are not force…[Read more]

  • There have been many thoughts and ideas shared about gun control. The political left seems to think that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is a good idea. Not only is this not a good idea, but it is just

    • I agree that people should have the right to own guns, however certain people must be restricted from them. This includes people on the no fly list as well as people with criminal history and mental history. There must be very close checks on everyone who is going to buy a gun. As far as the statement about Chicago goes, Chicago was the most crime ridden city long before they made it illegal to buy firearms. I think the semi automatic and automatic rule should remain the same, we just must be very careful about who we sell guns to. Good job on the post, it seemed well thought out and researched.

    • Tommy replied 3 years ago

      I like your writing, though I would like to just ask some questions. Chicago, recently having relaxed its gun laws actually, saw a jump in crime. You claim that it is the strict gun laws that cause this rise in crime, however, many of these laws had actually been struck down in 2013 all the way up to 2016. Second, I feel Thomas Jefferson quote is misleading here. I feel, that we talk about gun control, we talk about restrictions of semi-automatics. However, I think Jefferson was talking about rifles and bayonets. They did not have semi-autos at that time. Also, the argument about the groceries. I agree, buying a gun in currently more difficult than buying groceries. However, basic food (mostly harmless) is not a great comparison for a lethal weapon (a gun is lethal weapon, no dispute there). I think a more accurate comparison should be to getting a drivers license (it takes less time to get a permit (1-2 days here in Utah)) Here in Utah, for example, it takes 6 months of permit, 3 drives, 3 observations, a written test, a permit test, and a driving test to obtain a license when you are under 16. It still takes at least 3 days to get a license if you are over 18. I feel this is a much better comparison then groceries. Hope you will consider this in you future posts.

    • I think this is a good piece that you have written here. But I would like to see different examples used. As Tommy said before, the comparison of buying guns to groceries does not work as well. Guns are items that have serious consequences when used in certain situations. I understand people wanting to protect themselves, but does everyone need all these incredibly powerful automatic weapons just stashed at there house. We need to have a better understanding between our population and compromise on these standings I feel.

  • We need to do both stop supporting Islamic extremists nations, and declare war on ISIS. ISIS is not going to stop unless they are forced to stop. The only country that has been fighting back against these extremists in the middle-east is Israel. They are surrounded by enemies and are still fighting back against this evil. Why are we not helping them?

  • Yes, because taking guns away from law abiding citizens is differently the answer. You don’t need to protect your self and your family. Just put up a sign saying “Gun free zone” and criminals will have to follow it because it is the law. Way to go, you just made america a much more dangerous place.

  • Think of the most beautiful thing imaginable. What word would you use to describe that image? When we think beauty, we often think of peace and stillness, or, tranquil things. Tranquil is a word we don’t use very

    • You are right, our society is extremely busy. The reason it is this way is because everyone follows these rules; we have to go to college, we have to get a good job, we have to do all these things or else we won’t ‘fit’ in. In reality no one really has to do anything, you can find ways to be in the state of tranquil without following these rules. There are plenty of ways. You just have to do what makes you truly happy and then you will find peace within yourself. Great job on this blog! Really enjoyed reading it. (:

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