• I have been reading Street Life with my class and when I heard that we needed to create a cover I was stuck on what it should represent but it was clear on what it should be about after a bit of thought. I

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    Dear Dr. Rios:


    My name is Bill Luna. I am a high school sophomore at Fremont High. I have lived in Oakland my whole life. I have just finished chapter #8 of your autobiography Street Life. When I first

  • After reading the first three chapters of Victor Rios’ Street Life, I feel intrigued by the events he is telling his audience. In looking at the imagery he uses to tell his story, I noticed that he uses his c

    • Bill,
      Personally, I have never read this book before, but this post does a really good job of analyzing some of the strategies that the author uses to move the plot along. From what I can tell, this book seems super interesting. I think imagery is a super important part of all the books that we read, and this author seems to do a really good job of using powerful imagery. I hope to read some of your posts about this book in the future!

  • I see myself in 20 years living in a lavish house, it’d have five bedrooms, five bathrooms, two living rooms, and two living rooms. I’ll have nice cars, and own a bunch of properties. I’d have a beautiful wife

    • That sounds like a great life. I hope that with hard work, you accomplish your goals of becoming a successful architect & husband. I too hope to one day be successful in my desired field.

      Good luck!
      Reilly Edgar

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