• Luis, I enjoyed your insight on this topic, but I do not agree with you. I believe that animals should be treated with rights and not as something to simply be tested on in a lab. I do agree with you that testing is essential, but there needs to be a different method.
    Here is a link you might find interesting. It is about alternative ways to…[Read more]

  • Hey Ben!
    I never knew that music had that kind of impact when working. I would have thought that music is a distraction.
    Here is an article about how music helps people focus.

    Role of music in helping you focus

  • In 2005, the gaming industry changed forever. Nintendo came out with the Wii, and the households of many have never been the same. The Wii revolutionized what it meant to “game.” The games require interaction phy

    • Hi Sophie,
      I loved the time when wii came out, defiantly some of my greatest memories. I loved how you wrote your article in a way that the readers can follow your thought process. Very fun to read!

  • Hey Wilbert!
    I agree with you and think the school is necessary to be successful, however, the price of school is extremely unfair to pay. Everyone should get higher education but it can not simply be done because of the prices. Here is a website that talks about the different prices of college.…[Read more]

  • Hey, Ben!
    I liked your post and thought it was well written and clearly explained what is happening in Australia. I liked the part where you talked about why some brush fires are started in your first paragraph. Here is a website I found that talks about more reasons why the fires were started.…[Read more]

  • The thing about Tik Tok is that once you start, there’s no going back. You tell yourself that you’ll go on Tik Tok for a couple of minutes, but 5 hours later you’re still scrolling and a notification pops up

    • Sophie,

      Unlike Synae, I am an old “fart”. I do not understand the appeal of Tik Tok.

      Last week in my students at the U School had an interesting conversation about how Lil Nax X leveraged Tik Tok and a catchy trap-country music beat to fame.

      I will leave Tik Tok to the younger generation. I am trying to control my social media diet in general and don’t trust Old School Facebook or Twitter 🙂

    • Dear Sophie,
      I am very intrigued by your post, “AYO! Tik Tok Check!” because it was very informative on the matter of tik tok and its rising popularity. The way you compared the obsession of tik tok to the addiction of drugs was very excellent. It gave an excellent analogy for other people to understand.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “So can people be addicted to something that does not a person does not physically partake in like drugs and alcohol?” because its a skillful rhetorical question that’ll leave the reader wondering on what the answer may be.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because the way you laid out the text was very organized and interesting.

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    Hey Ricardo,
    I agree with you in saying that single use plastics should be reduced to the minimum. However, your solution to this problem is what society has been doing for a long time, but the change is not dramatic enough. To see noticeable change, people need to stop using plastics and that make them should find cleaner ways to make it and…[Read more]

  • Hey Emily,
    I liked your argument as to why teachers and schools should give out less homework to students. It is really important to maximize the students potential to learn, and getting enough sleep is vital to a good learning experience. I liked when you said that good sleeping habits will lead to a long lasting, healthier lifestyle. This is…[Read more]

  • Our air pollution can affect the seafood that we eat. The pollution from coal-powered plants causes poisons like mercury to enter the ocean and then contaminate fish, like tuna. With the decrease of coal-powered

  • Hey Melanie,
    This is a hard question to answer. This was a well-done article about the rights or prisoners and I do not think that there is one easy answer. Simply put, if you are an American citizen then you have the right to vote. However, if a person is in jail then they have broken the law (no matter how petty), so they, in turn, give up…[Read more]

  • Hey Ben!
    I liked the last sentence of the second paragraph because it makes the claim that not vaccinating your kids is more dangerous. I can understand why parents have concerns about the vaccines, but their only concern should be about the health of their child when they go to school without the flu shot. Here is an article you might find…[Read more]

  • Every year there seems to be a new diet going around promising health improvements and weight loss. These diets popularity come and go, but one diet managed to survive through this vicious judging process, and

  • Hey lucky! As someone who is applying to attend one of the military academies, I have done lots of research and thinking about how I will change if I go there. The academies have their rules so they can break you down and build you back up as a team. The strict rules are not just there for personal reasons, but for the betterment of the team. If…[Read more]

  • Hey Sydney! I found your article both informative yet depressing because of the facts. When you said that plastic will outweigh the fish population by 2050, that made me lose hope for the future. We have to do something now to fix out plastic problems. Here is a link I found about plastic and the effects it has on the fish population.…[Read more]

  • Global warming has been a hot topic discussion for years now and people have regularly debated the effects it will have on the Earth. But if global warming heats up the earth, why is the east coast getting

    • This was a well-done essay on an interesting topic. I’ve been wondering why we’re suddenly getting such cold temperatures in parts of the US so this was a very informative piece. I like how you had your sources dispersed throughout your writing rather than just putting all of them in one paragraph. It was pretty innocuous and objective in explaining the science behind the topic, which I enjoy. I wonder, though, if there is controversy behind this issue and how common of a misconception this is. Overall, I think everyone should read about this to be informed.

    • Hey Sophie,
      I really enjoyed this article because it is very well written and informative. This cleared up some of my confusion and helped me understand climate change a little bit better. Here is a link that I found has more information that I think you would enjoy.

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