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Talking to the Sun

I thought that too, i think they are a diverse race because he used the words “Rainbow families”. But who knows i would like to know if that is what the writer meant by using those words.

i've gone to many fiestas because of my culture, so i can kinda see how his pueblo links him to fiestas because where i'm from thinking about el pueblo makes me think about fiestas that have been done.

I can tell that the pueblo and the people in the pueblo are special to him. The reason i say that is because at the end of the poem he writes “La grand Gente de mi pueblo” which means in english the great people of his town.

yeah I agree, if she works too much she can get really stress and tired by work. when she should be resting.

yeah I agree with your comment because he does play a major character in the book cause like you said he holds information that can help Fonny.

yeah I agree, I don't think she should wait until the oldest sister gets married for she can married. I think the oldest sister should get married when she feels ready and found the one.

This shows how much he really adores and loves Tish and how he scared someone would take Tish away from him.

I also wonder why he had this reaction, I wanna know what tone he used since his tone made his sis look sharply and full awake ?

yeah that is true it does seem to be like a love and hate relationship with Tish's family and Fonny.

Fonny is being such a gentlemen by taking her to her house and making sure she gets there safely.

Fonny seems so loyal, he seems to be really in love with her.

yeah i been also thinking why is called If Beale street could talk if its in NYC?

what is this description ?

I agree with you

I agree with you, where you said “isn't something you would think people at church would be doing.”

I agree

I agree with you

I agree with you because it does sounds like something that would be said at church. For example where it states “Down at the crowd where my Savior died.” Sounds like something that they would say in church.

im also wondering the same thing

I think that where it says about their savior they might be referring to Jesus because as far as I know, around this time people were really religious.

I agree with you because it does sound like its talking about slavery by the use of words.

I agree With Luisa because you get to decide whether or not you want to be religious or non religious.

I agree with your comment.

yeah I think if white people don't stop thinking about that ideology about African Americans (AA) then AA won't be free.

I think James Baldwin's uncle is saying to James to be himself.

By reading I can tell that their lifestyle isn't the best, there are a lot of struggles.

yeah I agree with you.

yeah I agree with you, it sounds like they are in jail or something.

he speaks really respectfully about his brother to his nephew.

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