• Ben wrote a new post, The Red Shovel 1 month ago

    so much depends



    a little red



    coated in dirt

    or snow


    Inside the red


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    I agree with your post. Talent is basically luck, and luck only goes so far before it runs out. That is why everyone is always told to work hard for what they want.

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    I really enjoyed reading your post. I agree with you, I sure do not want to have to be worrying about debt both during and after college. I feel as if thinking about college debt while in college would put a lot of stress on students as well distract them from their studies.

  • I found your post very interesting. I never would have thought that coffee would have such a positive benefit in sports. It seems as if it would have had a negative effect like other caffeinated beverages. You would think it would cause you to crash during the activity. I look forward to reading more about this topic.

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    Too little


    More needed

    Every second counts

    • You never really understand or appreciate the concept of time. We take it for granted and think that tomorrow is guaranteed. You never know when your time is going to run out, so don’t live in the past, learn to let go of things… Live for “now”.

  • Ryan, I thought your poem was terrific. The way it is written makes me feel as if I was right there on the same ride. Nice job.

  • I really liked this piece. It made me realize, what I think of as a bad day is not nearly as terrible as what other people are going through. I hope to see more pieces like this from you.

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    I really liked your post. You do not even need the description to get the message out of the picture. Mr. Hentschel is clearly an important person.

  • You made some solid points in your post. However I think that if adolescents want it that bad, then they will get it no matter how difficult it is for them.

  • Ben commented on the post, Police Brutality 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    I completely agree with you. I feel as if the police are starting to think of themselves as being above the law. And that the rules do not always apply to them. Everyone should have to abide by the same laws, no matter what their status is.

  • I thought your article was very interesting. And I completely agree with you. I feel as if parents that have a hard time controlling their habits with drug abuse, I think they will have an even harder time controlling and taking care of their kids.

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    I agree with your article. I do not believe that homework should be allowed. Homework just adds to the everyday stress of school. We should be able to go home and just be able to forget about school for a little while.

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    A farmer named Bucky

    Lived on a farm in Kentucky

    From crops to animals

    His favorite food was danimals

    Had a best friend named Chucky  



    Image From: Modern Farmer

    • Dear Ben:

      I am humored by your poem, “Bucky,” because there is a lot of rhyme

      One part of your poem that stands out for me is where you “Lived on a farm in Kentucky”, because I liked the way you wrote it in line with the rest of the poem. I think this is funny because you were making clever jokes when you wrote it. You were also making it funny and witty.
      Another part that I liked is where, “His favorite food was animals”. This stood out for me because it truly made me think of eating danimals as a little girl.

      Your poem reminds me of something that I wrote once. One time I wrote a poem about my best friend. Ironically she also loved danimals and moved to Kentucky. She was very kind and sweet, as well as funny!

      Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because you seem like a talented author with different ideas on how to make people laugh. As well as how to make people happy.

    • This poem made me laugh! Nice job. Very cute!

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