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was there a rising action??

Puerto Rico is where she was born, so her home must be there

Well didn't they say that the victim is from Puerto rico? I think it would make sense for them to go back home

Of course she is, Fonny is the father of her child.

I agree, it isn't good to work pregnant but she needs to do it because no ones going to help that easily

I believe it is to support her child

who seems more confident?


i still dont know why sharon hates tish or thinks that tish isnt enough for fonny

Fonny issa little bold

I think she tried killing her own children or her friends babies, who knows.

the baby inside of tish.

maybe because they curse or something, maybe its a sin.

i dont think it would have gotten tense if she had opened her mouth.

she is probably eager to rip out her adams apple because she might be implying that her voice is really annoying.

She doesnt think tish is good enough for fonny, she might as well think shes better than tish as well.

I wouldnt call it scared but she might be a little frustrated.

I believe she is not aware of what she is saying, she is probably saying the “lords way”

I agree, but i think it was in a worse way somehow

she was being very disrespectful to tish, imagine if you were a mother and someone was talking smack to your child, how would you react?

hard enough to make her slumped on the ground

She deserved to get smacked, she was being majorly rude the the mother of her grandchild.

seems like it was the way it started off

for what reason??

isnt that to be expected? their in this together.

family goals

how he is making noise out of the paragraph?

i agree



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